The Disturbing Porn People Are Searching For

What do the words "dancing bear," "Simpsons cartoon lesbian," and "jeans feet" all have in common? Because you could never guess, I'll just tell you right away: they're all search terms people looking for porn are entering right now on PornMD, a search term aggregator that's part of PornHub, possibly the largest porn video website out there. You're busted, Simpsons fetishists!

PornMD just got this brand new feature which lets you read a live feed of what porn people are searching for across the world — or, as PornMD explains in their press release, "an endless stream of smutty glory."

Along with their live search stream, PornMD has also put together lists for the most popular porn terms worldwide. For instance, in the U.S., we seem to type in "teen," "milf," "college," "creampie," and "massage" most often.

You can check out the live search stream right here, but first, a word of warning: a few minutes staring at the stream can quickly turn into an hour (trust me – it happened to me). Here are a few pretty puzzling but entertaining highlights:

  • soccer mom
  • snow white cartoon
  • nothing up her sleeves
  • oops accidental nude naked
  • clean-up
  • christmas orgy
  • my little pony hentai
  • movies nick romantic old
  • oh my god
  • tissue
  • chubby stomach
  • dracula
  • obese eggs
  • tennis
  • cellulite
  • aerobic

These are some of the stranger results, and I won't even include the most disturbing and downright twisted. Also, bless the sweet, innocent souls who simply wrote stuff like "colleague," "porno," and "masturbation instructions" in there. It's practically adorable compared to "titjob cumshot compilation."