Where To Get The Cheapest Pizza In Your Hood

Because pizza is obviously the most important food group, NPR has been doing some serious investigation on its cheesy, saucy deliciousness. Now we know where pizza is the cheapest and most expensive in five major U.S. cities, why you should always buy the bigger pizza, and why you should just get whatever pizza size appeals to you most.

Using data supplied by Grub Hub Seamless (who merged in August of 2013, in case you missed it), the folks behind NPR’s Planet Money blog charted the median cost of a large cheese pizza depending on the neighborhood for Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Pizzas typically fall in the $13 to $15 price range in New York, LA, and Chicago; D.C. pizzas tend to cost around $11 to $13; and Philadelphia pizzas are normally $9 to $11. The biggest lesson we learned? Don’t get pizza from Midtown Manhattan — at $23 a pop, it’s the most expensive price on the list. Folks who live in Philly, however, have the best deals around, with the most expensive pie coming in at just under $15 and the least expensive at just $8 — lucky ducks!

For the curious, here’s what the charts look like comparing each of the cities’ neighborhoods: