How To Throw An Oscars Snub Party In 5 Easy Steps

It's that time of year again when we judge talented, beautiful people for their talent and their beauty. As usual, The Academy left some pretty great movies and people off the nominations this year. Can someone please explain to me why Monster's University wasn't nominated? It's a national treasure. And since we're talking about it, no noms for Tom Hanks? Come on, Academy!

Rather than bemoaning all of the worthy movies and actors that were snubbed for this year's awards, we choose to celebrate them anyway, even if Hollywood won't. Here's your guide to throwing an Oscars Snub Party.

Be Bitter

It’s okay to be a sore loser tonight because this party is all about celebrating the losers! Celebrate a snub with some bitters in this classic Old Fashioned cocktail from A Beautiful Mess.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Be Even More Bitter

No party is complete without cake and the only cake that should be at an Oscars snub party is a bittersweet chocolate cake from Epicurious.

Make Printable Snub Ballots

StudioDIY, as usual, has an awesome printable ballot for the 2014 Academy Awards. After you print these for your party, you can also create your own ballots with your top picks for the “And The Winner Should Have Been” category.

Image: StudioDIY

"You Tried Your Best" Awards

Similar to the hilarious You Did It Stickers tumblr, you should also make some ribbons for the runners up that say words of encouragement like “You Tried Your Best” or “Great Effort” or “Participation Award.”

Prize Ribbons, $5, PearCreekCottage on Etsy

Leonardo "Zero Oscars" DiCaprio Cupcakes

He hasn’t been snubbed from a nomination this year but he has definitely been snubbed in the past. We can celebrate this famous snub-ee with some Leo cupcakes.

You can follow Examiner’s steps and print his face using edible ink on edible paper. but the easy way to do this is to print Leo’s face on regular paper and grab some toothpicks and tape. Simple yet elegant, like Leo himself.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images