DIY Beauty Recipes That Use Cantaloupe

One of my favorite summer fruits is cantaloupe. Despite being a seasoned melon snacker, I've only recently extended the benefits of cantaloupe to my natural skin care routine. Like most orange fruits, cantaloupe has beta carotene, which means consuming this delicious melon was probably decreasing the likelihood of future cataracts in my eyes while keeping me hydrated and de-stressed. Since healthy skin and hair has a direct link to the healthy foods going into our bods, I decided to spend a day crafting up cantaloupe recipes for topical applications that leave us feeling as good as we do when we eat the stuff.

The inside of a cantaloupe range from yellow to the familiar salmon-orange color most of us are used to seeing. Member of its family (the cucurbitaceae family) include skin favorites like cucumbers and pumpkins. Being related to pumpkin is similar to being related to Beyonce: Pumpkins are incredible skin healers for acne and complexion, so you know this melon has got talent. Rich in vitamins K and E, the cantaloupe can potentially bring improvement to complexions while its vitamins A and C aid in rejuvenating skin cells. The antioxidants in cantaloupe combat pesky signs of aging and the B vitamins are just what the hair doctor ordered to promote growth and according to some sources prevent graying.

This is just the highlight reel of what a cantaloupe can do for your bod and soul, but it was enough for me to whip up these four DIY beauty recipes for you to try.

1. Just Cantaloupe For Vibrant Complexion

While I love mixing natural foods together for a delightful skin remedy, cantaloupe is filled with so much goodness, you can use it alone to improve dull complexions. The vitamin C and potassium are moisturizing for dry skin that is in desperate need of hydration.

2. Cantaloupe Seeds, Raw Honey, & Banana Face Pack

This face mask is definitely one of my favorites, especially since my skin has succumbed to period breakouts and stress-induced cysts this past month. The raw honey is pH balancing, cleansing, and moisturizing, Plus,bananas are one of my remedies of choice whenever I feel a cyst brewing under my skin. I'd heard among my natural beauty pals that cantaloupe can help with acne too, so I had to include the hearty cantaloupe guts and seeds into this recipe. To make it yourself, blend half a banana, 1.5 tablespoons of cantaloupe guts, and a tablespoon of raw honey in a blender. Unlike many acne-fighting masks (natural and OTC), this mask is gentle enough for daily use. Of course, since it's highly perishable, you'll want to store in the fridge and toss any leftovers after five days.

3. Cantaloupe Seeds, Chamomile, & Lemon Exfoliate

For this brightening exfoliate, you'll want to use an equal amount of seeds and guts. Gather one tablespoon of the cantaloupe mixture, two teaspoons of dried organic chamomile powder (remove the pretty flowers and try your best to get the dust leftover, or if you're using a tea bag, you can empty the contents directly into the blender), one teaspoon of squeezed lemon juice, and about one tablespoon of arrowroot powder. The amount of arrowroot powder depends on the desired thickness, but be aware it can be drying if you add too much. Blend your ingredients together and apply on makeup-free skin once a week, following with a moisturizer. Note: Always protect your skin from the sun when using lemons, as they are can make you more susceptible to burns.

4. Cantaloupe Deep Conditioner

This delightful conditioner couldn't have come at a better time for my locks that have been suffering from dryness due to AC and humidity. For this recipe, just use the cantaloupe guts, trying your best to remove all the seeds. I used the guts of half a cantaloupe, a quarter of an aloe leaf (removing the skin, of course), half an avocado, and about a third a cup of coconut oil. Blend your ingredients together and store in a sealable container. This should be applied on wet hair and is a great deep conditioner for detangling and promoting hair growth. The aloe contains healthy amounts of vitamin E and water, coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and conditioner, and the avocado is works great on dry hair.

These are just a starting point; feel free to mix cantaloupe into your own favorite recipes for an extra boost.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (6)