Alexis DeJoria Shares Her Best Skin Tips

by Danielle Guercio

Nothing is more badass than seeing women dominate in formerly bro-friendly competitions. Professional racecar driving is decidedly dangerous, and was usually generally men's space until people like Alexis DeJoria and a few other big name drivers proved that all genders can pop the clutch and pull into first place. DeJoria drives in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) for Patròn and continues blowing men out of the water at what used to be their own game.

Sexism can come up in her day-to-day, but DeJoria chooses to rise above it. She tells me that becoming the best driver, period, is more important to her than being only the top female driver. And that means she's constantly traveling to train and compete. Not satisfied only with kicking butt on the pavement, DeJoria also focuses on philanthropic efforts: She helps raise funds for a MammoVan to come to her races and provide no-strings-attached free mammograms to breast-having ticketholders.

That plus being on the road competing leaves skin care and beauty as not luxuries, but necessities to keep some structure of self care. DeJoria is a mom and a fierce competitor, but she tells me that she likes to carve out time for herself to look and feel good. To deal with punishing hours and pollution associated with being a hard driving maverick, and skin conditions that many moms face, DeJoria tells me she started to see an esthetician to get proper recommendations, which took off any pressure to find her own routine and got her great results. It’s quite the perfect cheat.

Her skin people use Eminence Organics and DNA Skin Institute, and the routine is super simple: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Her products of choice include stonecrop, which is fairly new ingredient to skin care. The stonecrop family of plants is often used as groundcover, since it stands up to a complete spectrum of conditions, including being stepped on. The plant has an aloe-like effect and has some use addressing discoloration, which is common if you’ve had children, as melasma is very prevalent post-pregnancy. DeJoria says her own skin has gotten rapid and sustained results by using Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash and Hydrating Toner together.

DeJoria also likes DNA's Phyto Collagen Moisturizer, because of it’s extremely small list of ingredients. It's mainly just a hefty dose of skin-friendly plant and flower extracts that smell amazing.

Hair is an easy subject for DeJoria: She uses Paul Mitchell across the board. It makes perfect sense: DeJoria has the ultimate in, being born into hair royalty. Her father is Paul Mitchell co-founder John Paul DeJoria, also founder of tequila giant Patrón.

Her particular favorite of the moment is Marula Oil Treatment Light, which is Paul Mitchell's answer to the spike in popularity of argan oil. The Rare Marula line is luxurious and antioxidant rich, which pampers hair and helps keep split ends in check. She is also a devoted fan of Paul Mitchell classics like The Detangler and Shampoo One, which both help to lock in her radical purple highlights.

With her work to fight breast cancer and give representation to women in a male-dominated field, DeJoria is kicking down obstacles for all of us. Alexis DeJoria is making racing on the track and watching from the stands a place to be a free, proud, and healthy woman.

Photos: (2) Alexis DeJoria, (6) Danielle Guercio