11 Cool Temporary Tattoos To Rock In Late Summer

If you've always loved the look of tattoos but have never gathered the nerve to go under the needle yourself, you're in luck: Summer temporary tattoos are on trend right now. With the season's last month just around the bend, most people are likely in the mood to take advantage of everything that those last weeks have to offer, from drinking on patios to wearing tank tops. And where there are bare arms, there is prime real estate for cool temporary tattoos.

But these stick-ons aren't what you get from a gum-ball machine, no. These options look like the real deal and offer a new way to express your personality and style that's outside of the usual realm of clothes. For example, by going for retro, sailor options, you can flex your vintage style. Or by going for a full sleeve, you can show how playful and bold you are. The possibilities are endless, and all you need is a damp paper towel to pull them off.

What's better still is that if you grow bored of the look, all you have to do is loofah that bad boy off — which isn't something we can say about the ones your get at a tattoo parlor. So go for it: Below are 11 temporary tattoos you need to try before the summer is long gone.

1. Large Floral Temporary Tattoo

Large Floral Temporary Tattoo, $9.99, Tattoorary/Etsy

Make it look like you have the real deal on your arm with a temporary tattoo that has intense shading and depth. There's no way someone would think you got this bad boy out of the 25 cent machine.

2. Classical Rose Tattoo Sleeve Set

Classical Rose Temporary Tattoo Sleeve Set, $19, Seventh Skin/Etsy

If you love the idea of rocking a sleeve but aren't sure if that's a commitment you won't live to regret, test drive the option with a temporary set! Whether you tat up both arms or just one, you can try the look on for size with this incredible option.

3. Mini Doughnut Tats

Mini Donut Temporary Tattoos, $5, Love and Lion/Etsy

Sometimes you want to get silly with your temporary tattoos, and look for options like pizza slices or Ninja Turtle heads. Or, may I suggest, a baker's dozen of doughnuts? Yes, please. All over my body.

4. Vintage Floral Tattoo

Vintage Floral Tattoo, $9.99, Tattoorary/ Etsy

Add a splash of color to your shoulder or to the top of your thigh with a vintage floral stick-on, bringing summer to your body. It's got a more old-school vibe than the other floral options, which would be perfect for those who dig the retro look.

5. Bold Chest Tattoo

Rose Chain Temporary Tattoo, $12, Made By Tattoo You/Etsy

If "discreet" isn't the name of your game, try a bold eye-catching temp tattoo like this blooming chest one. The rich colors are eye-catching, and the drawn-on flowers have a retro, '50s Navy kind of vibe to them.

6. Geometric Triangle Tattoo

Temporary Triangle Tattoo, $8.50, Lamode Fr./ Etsy

If you're a minimalist or prefer a clean design with plenty of white space, then why not dabble in the geometric trend? This triangle design makes a statement without feeling busy. It's perfect for those who prefer a clean look as opposed to a busy one.

7. Geometric Fox Tattoo

Geometric Fox Tattoo, $4.99, Tattoorary/Etsy

Another popular look this year is origami animals, ranging from paper cranes to geometric elephants. You can get your toes wet in the fad with a folded-up fox like this one, or you can see if you can find a more intense animal like a lion or a tiger.

8. Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion Temporary Tattoo (Set of 2), $3.40, TT Tattoo/Etsy

If you want something with whimsy and a dreamer-like quality, then opt to carry a wish on your arm with this half-blown dandelion.

9. Minimalist Floral Sprig Tat

Floral Temporary Tattoo, $4.30, Temp Tat Co./Etsy

If you don't normally lean towards sleeve tattoos or designs that take up half of your body, then try this floral sprig on for size. It's dainty, it's subtle, but it's still fun to wear.

10. Small Teacup Tattoo

Small Teacup Tattoo, $3.99, Tattoorary/Etsy

If you're a vintage lover or delight in anything girly, then this Alice In Wonderland-inspired teacup tat would be an adorable addition to your aesthetic for a week. Just remember not to be late for that very important date!

11. Elephant Tattoo

Elephant Temporary Tattoo, $6, Tattoorary/ Etsy

Meanwhile, you can go a completely different direction and boast a regal-looking elephant on your shoulder or arm instead, heavy with intricate patterns and beautiful prints. It all depends on what kind of mood you're in.

And that's the beauty of these temporary tats — you can try them all out at one point or another. With no commitment, why not explore your aesthetic a little deeper?

Images: Etsy (11)