5 Fall Skincare Trends You Have To Try

by Miki Hayes

As the weather changes, so do your skin care needs. And even though it can kind of suck acclimating your skin to new temperatures, at least the change always brings about some fun skincare trends to try. Personally, I'm pretty pumped for this fall's skincare trends. Switching up the types of products you use can not only be refreshing, but it can also help your skin adjust to the cooler, drier air.

To find out what some of the most interesting trends to look forward to this fall are, I emailed with a couple of experts. Jenny Patinkin, makeup artist and beauty expert, and Karen Ballou, founder of Immunocologie, both weighed in on some of the skin care trends you'll probably want to try. And you know what? Even though I would be perfectly happy if it were summer all year round, I have to say that I'm kind of excited for the weather to change if just to try some of these upcoming trends. So whether you're a product junkie or just want to make sure your skin is prepared for all of the changes colder weather brings, here are five skin care trends for this fall that you'll want to switch up your routine for. Yeah, they look that good.

1. Smoothing & Firming Products

Philosophy Uplifting Miracle Worker Moisturizer, $65,

If you like firming skincare, you're going to love this trend. Patinkin reported that she's been seeing a rise of "anti-aging products that apply wet but dry to a taut film that smooths and lifts the skin underneath." Products like this are perfect for treating puffy eyes and lines on the neck, she says.

2. Anti-Pollution Products

Ren Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist, $38,

After spending so much time outside during the warm summer months, anti-pollution products will help combat free-radical damage, says Patinkin. So keep an eye out for these brightening and complexion-renewing products that should hit in a big way this fall.

3. Multi-Masking

Boscia Multi-Masking Medley, $18,

You may have already tried the art of multi-masking, but Patinkin says that this trend is only going to grow moving into fall. After all, being able to customize your skin treatments is perfect for targeting various needs at once.

4. Body Serums

L'Occitane Almond Velvet Body Serum, $56,

Ballou reports hearing buzz about body serums for the fall. She explains that as the temperature drops in the autumn, skin tends to reduce its natural production of oil, "which provides essential nutritional value for the skin and its protective barrier." Body serums, however, tend to have higher doses of skin-conditioning active ingredients compared to traditional body lotions, says Ballou. This makes these serums perfect for replenishing your skin as it goes through its own seasonal changes.

5. Sheet Masks

Sephora Collection Almond Foot Mask, $5,

As for my own personal prediction: We're all only going to become even more sheet-mask obsessed as we transition into fall. But I don't just mean traditional sheet masks. I'm talking hand, lip, and even foot masks too. Especially after clocking time at the beach and walking around barefoot, foot masks will help reset your skin by smoothing and softening any dry or cracking areas.

Fall really does have some exciting skincare options in store.

Images: Courtesy of Brands