Cassey Is A Big Believer In Cute Workout Clothes

If you're anything like me, you've probably found yourself in the middle of a Netflix marathon at 2 a.m. and thought, "Hey, well, now feels like a good time to work out." Cut to watching Cassey Ho's YouTube workout videos and seriously feeling the burn in places you didn't even know could feel a burn at all. Ho is pretty much the biggest name out there when it comes to YouTube fitness instructors, and she's created an empire around the idea that getting fit is as easy as a positive mindset and a 20-minute workout routine — one that's actually fun, too.

Despite being an incredibly successful businessperson, Ho's daily routine isn't as complicated as one might think. Her routine staples include things that might sound familiar to you and I. Ho wakes up around 6:30 a.m., pops in her daily ALCON Contact Lenses, puts on some eyeliner and brow makeup, and heads off to whatever she has planned for the day — whether that's a video, a meeting, or something else entirely. I spoke to Ho at an event for ALCON Dailies TOTAL1 contact lenses (her daily brand) and was surprised to learn that incorporating consistent workouts into her routine isn't the only priority she has when it comes to exercise; Ho is also a big believer in the importance of a cute workout outfit. But it probably isn't for the reasons you think it is.

For Ho, quality and colorful workout gear is key for more reasons than just aesthetics.

"Color motivates me, fashion motivates me, and it’s because I’m also a very artistic type of person. The more I can meld beauty with functionality, I think it becomes something really really cool — that’s why I love designing the activewear that I’m in," Ho says. "For example, these pants have pockets and that’s cool because I can hold my phone in it when I’m at work or if I’m weightlifting.

Workout clothes that look and feel as good as possible are also a tool for Ho to motive herself and, even more surprisingly, to avoid injury.

"When I go to the gym, I’m always in front of the mirror so yes, I’m looking at my form but you’re also looking at yourself, and if you think you look cute, you are more likely to have better posture," Ho says. "If you slump in a big, old frumpy T-shirt, you can’t even tell, but if you slump in a tighter, fitting outfit, then you can really tell. I think it’s good so you can really see how your muscles are moving."

While that big T-shirt sounds comfortable, it may actually damage your workouts if you can't see your entire form while lifting weights or even doing more low-impact exercises like pilates.

"Common mistakes include pulling on your neck when doing a crunch instead of lifting with your abs. This is a big one with Pilates that needs to be learned as a basis for all exercises going forward, " Ho says. "Going into proper Pilates stance means lifting your head, neck, and shoulders so that your head simply rests on your shoulders — there should be no pulling feeling, so that only your abs are doing the work."

Plus — with all the workout options available, why not invest in pieces that are going to keep you as motivated and healthy as possible?

"When you look good, you feel good, you perform better," Ho says.