All The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection Prices

This coming August 10 is Kylie Jenner's 19th birthday and it marks her final year of being a teenager. But the entrepreneur is celebrating by gifting her fans and customers with the mother of makeup hauls. The Kylie Jenner Birthday Collection is a gold-packaged and gold-infused range of products, including mini matte Lip Kits, a new Lip Kit color, a new Kylie Gloss, and a new Metal Matte, along with creme eyeshadows, Kyliner kits, and more. So. Much. Stuff. How much is the Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday Collection? Well, the Kylie Cosmetics birthday bundle is actually affordable, considering how many items are included in the entire collection. But the individual prices fall in line with the usual Kylie Cosmetics prices — that is, they have mid-range, department store-like price tags.

Here is the breakdown of the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection and how it will impact your wallet. The collection is available as a bundle for $195. If you can't splurge on a bundle or the whole set, here's the cost of each product in the range so you can shop according to your budget.

The Leo Lip Kit, which is a rich maroon shade, is $30. The Lord Metal Matte is $19. The Poppin Kylie Gloss is $16. The Creme Eyeshadows, which are metallic and packaged in pot form, are $20. The Dark Bronze Kyliner Kit is $38, since there are three components. The black, dripping lips makeup bag is $42. The Mini Matte Lip Kit Set is $36.

Check out all that gilded gorgeousness! The usually black dripping lipstick graphic is now golden in honor of Kylizzle's bday.

The entire collection is available as of Monday, August 1 at 6 p.m. ET/3p.m. PT through August 10, which is Jenner's 19th birthday! In one of her Snapchats, Jenner said she worked to make enough supply to last through her actual bday. She also said she is pausing on stocking the Kyshadow Palette until after her birthday so that fans can focus on this collection.

Happy bday, Kylie Kristen Jenner! Happy shopping, Kylie Cosmetics customers! Isn't the makeup bag aces? I so want that.

Jenner also stated in her Snap that the Dark Bronze Kyliner is the cornerstone of most of her eye makeup looks.

She also admitted she is most stoked about her creme shadows. I share that enthusiasm.

Good luck grabbing the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday haul.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2); King Kylie Snapchat (3)