Where To Buy The Kylie Cosmetics "Poppin" Lipgloss

by Summer Arlexis

There's no questioning it: Kylie Cosmetics has become a major phenomenon. Most recently, the youngest Kardashian sister has seemingly been trying to give us a heart attack with the Summer Surprises she teased on Jul. 31. Naturally, you'll want to know where you can buy Kylie Cosmetics' "Poppin" Lipgloss. Among the newest members of Jenner's latest Birthday Edition Collection is the gloss that will literally pop right off of your lips. Starting at 3 p.m. PT time on Aug. 1, the new hue will be available exclusively on

Jenner took to Snapchat to unveil her golden beauties only yesterday. It all started when she teased her new Lip Kit Print Makeup Bag. What followed was reveal after reveal: Kylie Cosmetics' new Mini Matte Lipstick Set, the Kyliner Kit, a maroon-hued "Leo" Matte Liquid Lipstick, a coppery Birthday Edition Matte Metal Lipstick, and Kylie's Crème Eyeshadows in "gold" and "rose gold." There's so much new gorgeousness that you'll want to cry tears of joy.

It's going be hard for any beauty lover to choose a fave new Kylie Cosmetics product, no doubt. But the latest gloss is definitely in my top three. Unlike the current Kylie Glosses that retail for $15, "Poppin" will be $16. The adjusted, slightly-higher price tag is totally worth it considering this new shade looks like liquid gold and is, according to Jenner, infused with real gold. This may explain why "Poppin" swatches to perfection.

Seriously, save all of your pretty pennies, because you will probably consider going bankrupt over Jenner's entire new collection. It'll all be available on her site until Aug. 10, her 19th birthday. That's not much time to get all of your ducks in row, so hustle hard while you still can, King Kylie fanatics.

Image: kylizzlesnapchats/Instagram (1)