Here's How To Deal With Oily Skin In The Fall

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Dealing with oily skin can be pretty troublesome year-round. But especially when the weather starts to transition from hot and humid to cool and dry, it can really do a number on your complexion. So how do you deal with oily skin in the fall? I emailed with a few skin care experts to find out.

Jenny Patinkin, makeup artist and beauty expert; Karen Ballou, founder of Immunocologie; and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, founder and Director of Capital Laser & Skin Care and Assistant Clinical Professor of the Department of Dermatology at the George Washington University Medical Center, all weighed in on some of the best ways to help control your oily skin, and keep it from going into overdrive when the weather cools down.

But it's not just the weather that has an impact on the changes in your skin. According to Ballou, transitioning from season to season is almost always hard on your skin. This is because your skin becomes accustomed to your daily habits— your eating patterns, exercise regimens, or other routines that are specific to the season. So when you switch these up as the temperature changes, your skin reacts to these shifts as well. But there are ways to help keep your oily skin balanced through the changes. Here are seven of them.

1. Switch Up Your Moisturizer

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According to Patinkin, as the temperature starts to cool down, even oily skin can suffer from moisture-loss and needs to be hydrated. She suggests switching from gel moisturizers to lightweight lotions that will help prevent drying and flaking. After all, having oily skin that is also flaky is just kind of the worst.

2. Try Retinol

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Retinol is an ingredient that can help control oily skin and even improve acne and signs of aging. However, "[Retinol] can make skin light reactive and prone to dryness in the summer, but in the fall, people with oily skin will tolerate it better and see faster results," says Patinkin. So if you haven't tried a retinol product in your skin care routine yet, or it maybe hasn't worked out for you recently, fall could be the perfect time for a first or second chance.

3. Exfoliate

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If your oily skin tends to become worse in the fall, Ballou suggests switching up your cleansing regimen. Finding a good exfoliator that will balance your sebum levels will help your skin reach a better equilibrium so it looks healthier and more radiant, she says.

4. Add Glycolic Acid

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Dr. Tanzi recommends incorporating glycolic acids into your skincare regimen to help reduce excess oil production. She suggests using a glycolic acid cleanser or toner morning and night to help keep the shine at bay.

5. Use Powder Sunscreen

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It can be difficult for oily-skin types to find a sunscreen that doesn't make skin even greasier. So a great way for oily skin to still get the sun protection that it needs, as Dr. Tanzi recommends, is using a powder sunscreen with zinc. This type of sunblock will help absorb excess oil while protecting against the sun's harmful rays. Because it's still important to wear sunscreen even in the fall.

6. Blotting Sheets Are Key

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So your oily skin doesn't get in the way of trying fall's makeup trends, Dr. Tanzi suggests having blotting sheets handy. Oil-absorbing papers, she says, will "work well to blot without messing up makeup."

7. Don't Forget A Clay Mask

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If your skin still needs some extra help controlling oil during the transition into fall though, Dr. Tanzi recommends using a clay-based mask once or twice a week. Clay will really help to soak up excess oil that your regular skin care regimen may not be able to control in the face of changing weather and routines.

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