The Kyliner Swatches Are SO Pretty

Kylie Cosmetics fans have had a great weekend. (Dare I say the best weekend ever?) Kylie Jenner announced her birthday collection, and boy, did she let fans have it. As many anticipated, she launched eye products. These swatches of Kylie Cosmetics' Kyliner will have fans so excited about her new product. Move over, KyShadow Bronze Palette because there's a new bronze eye product in the mix, and it's completely gorgeous.

Rumors of Jenner launching eye products have been around for some time now. A few months ago, Jenner trademarked Kyliner, Kyshadow, and Kybrow so fans knew something had to be coming down the Kylie Cosmetics pipeline. The questions were more related to the specifics of what the products would look like. While Kybrow is still a mystery, on Sunday, Jenner debuted her Kyliner, and it most certainly did not disappoint. Plus, as an added bonus, it's a perfect hue to go along with her KyShadow palette and her new cream shadows.

When Jenner debuted her entire Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection, she swatched her new products including the Kyliner gel and Kyliner pencil. Let's just say that the swatches of Kyliner didn't disappoint fans. In a stunning bronze hue infused with real gold, the shade is totally Jenner.

The golden packaging is totally on point with the rest of the Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection, and as you can see from the thin line along the eye graphic, the shade is a gorgeous shimmer.

First, Jenner swatched the perfect dark bronze hue in gel form. The gel liner glides on perfectly smoothly letting fans know that the formulation won't tug or hard their eyes or lashes.

Next up? the Kyliner pencil. In the same shade, the pencil provides a more precise line, but the shade is obviously the same.

Also included in the Kyliner Kit? A precision brush for perfect application of a the gorgeous golden-toned bronze liner.

The swatches of Kylie Cosmetics' Kyliner are completely gorgeous, and when Jenner debuts the full birthday collection on Monday, I wouldn't be surprised to see a total sell out.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat(3), Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram