Photos Of Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Lipstick Set

When Kylie Jenner said that her birthday surprises weren't over yet, I don't think any of us were expecting her to add eight new items to her Kylie Cosmetics store. In between announcing new shades and fresh products altogether, Jenner released a bunch of photos of the Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Lipstick Set. You know, part of her limited-edition Birthday Collection. And the pictures are seriously to die for.

The set of six mini liquid lipsticks would make the perfect present for any friend who has a birthday coming up or even just as a treat for yourself, simply so you can try out more shades by the youngest Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for less. The mini matte set in and of itself is a steal, IMO, costing only $36 for six liquid lipstick hues. Or, if you're feeling especially ballin', the full Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition product range is priced at $195.

The shades themselves are Dolce, Exposed, Candy, KoKo, Kristen, and Leo, making the bundle a good mix of the old and new liquid lipsticks to give your personal collection of Kylie Cosmetics a sense of variety that may have been missing before. Beautifully presented in gold packaging, I'm still holding onto the hope that someone I know agrees with me: This is a beautiful gift option and someone should buy it for me immidiately.

While we wait for the launch to officially take place, all we can do is drool over the new items being released on the Kylie Cosmetics site at 3 p.m. PT, Aug. 1. Thankfully, the Kylie Cosmetics team has put together some gorgeous product shots for us to attempt to mimic on our own Instagram pages.

But let's not forget where we first saw these amazing new mini matte lipsticks: Jenner's own Snapchat account.

Even the unveiling of the products from the new Kylie Jenner Makeup Bag was a pretty thrilling moment overall.

If you weren't convinced upon your first viewing of these images, I'm sure you will be now that you've seen them together. Regardless of what the products actually end up being like, I'm a sucker for some great packaging.

Image: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1)