Here Are All The Kyliner Colors

Kylie Jenner is becoming a master of surprise. Just when we think we know what's next for Kylie Cosmetics, she throws us a curveball (and we couldn't be happier). Her latest surprise is an eyeliner kit. So what colors does Kyliner come in? Here's what's available, and what you can expect.

Jenner turns 19 on August 10, so to celebrate her birthday she launched the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection, a gold-drenched limited edition collection of products that retails for $195 and will be on sale today until her birthday. As a part of the collection, she released a never-before-seen Kylie Cosmetics product: Kyliner, an eyeliner kit that includes a gel liner, applicator brush, and eyeliner pencil.

While the birthday collection only includes a single shade, Dark Bronze, Jenner promised on her Snapchat that a black Kyliner was coming soon (to be released after her birthday). Dark bronze matches the glittery and royal gold theme of her Birthday Collection, but we can only hope that she releases more eyeliner colors in the future. A matte yellow or neon orange would be amazing, or maybe even more metallic colors to match the rest of her lip kits. Who knows!

Here's a look at Dark Bronze.

Gorgeous, right? This shade is perfect for a sultry smokey eye or to amp up your daytime look. You can even use the liner as a base or primer.

Eventually, Jenner will release this black shade. The Kyliner Kit retails for $38.

While it's obvious that Kylie loves metals and natural shades, she's had a few crazy colors (like sky blue Skylie lipstick). I can't wait to see what's next for Kyliner.