Jordyn Woods Taught Me Her Social Media Secrets

Taking a good selfie is an art. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Sure, they're easier than ever to take, what with all the front-facing cameras, selfie sticks, and photo apps and filters, but that doesn't mean it's an easy thing to accomplish, unless you're Jordyn Woods. Snapping a good photo takes practice — hours of it — and a handful of other factors you may not have even realized. Thankfully, I had a chance to hang out with the 19-year-old model and social media queen at the Lovesick Campaign Launch event. Here, she bestowed upon me her simple wisdom to winning Instagram and Snapchat.

If you're unfamiliar with Woods, start getting used to hearing her name. The gorgeous young woman is more than just Kylie Jenner's best friend: An up-and-coming model, she's Lovesick's brand ambassador, inspiring thousands of young, curvy women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in the latest styles, whether it's a bodycon dress or a pair of high-waisted distressed jeans (her favorite, she tells me). She also just launched NOLA By Addition Elle's activewear campaign and signed on to collaborate on two collections for

While 2016 is turning out to be her biggest year ever, Woods still manages to make time and connect with her fans through social media.

Woods has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and a very massive and devoted following on Snapchat (@jordynnwoodss). Many of her posts are beautiful photos of herself, a handful taken by professional photographers, but the majority are snapped by herself on her camera phone.

Who better to ask for social media advice than Woods herself? Here's exactly what she taught me about capturing the perfect photo.

1. Lighting Is Everything

"The selfie is all about the lighting," Woods says. Broader light, or a room filled with a lot of light, will give you a soft glow, whereas a narrow light will be more dramatic and moody. Decide what look you're going for and then move around, step outside, or check out another room — do whatever you need to do to find your perfect light.

2. You Have To Know Your Angles

"Of course, you have to learn your angles," Woods quickly reminds me. "Angles are very important. When you know your angles, you can make something that might not look good in real life look great on camera."

3. Stance Is Important

"Your stance is important. You have to make sure you stand in the right way, so your pants cut right and everything looks right." According to Stylecaster, standing at a 45 degree angle and positioning your hand on your hip is an old Hollywood trick celebrities swear by. Just make sure it feels like a natural pose— there's nothing worse than looking like a stiff mannequin.

4. Don't Neglect Your Body Language

"For me, I really focus on my stance and body language." Oh, you thought they were the same thing? **Wags finger** Uh-uh honey. Stance is all about how you stand and position your body, but body language is everything from how you purse your lips to where you place your hands to the way your eyes gaze.

5. Background Is Key

Woods can't stress how crucial a good environment is. Sometimes, not even the best lighting or filter can disguise an ugly background. Seek out nature, color, and textures, but remember to keep it simple so you can still be the star of your photo.

6. A Good App Is Useful

Even Woods relies on an app every once in awhile. "I use VSCO — it has all the filters on it and you can keep adding new filters [from the store]."

7. Keep Your Makeup Light (& Don't Forget Your Highlight)

Woods' makeup was picture-perfect, per usual, so she gave me a quick rundown of her look. "I used the KyShadow on my eyes. I'm really big on light face makeup, so not too much foundation, a nice highlighter — I love Becca's Champagne Pop — and the Kylie Lip Kit. I'm wearing Candy and the gloss over it all." Follow Woods' lead and keep your look fresh-faced, but don't be shy with your highlighter. Everyone loves a little bit of glow — especially the camera.

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Images: Sara Tan; Lovesick