The Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Set Is A Good Price

If you were like me and were anxiously waiting to buy a piece of the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection today, you may have been very disappointed when you saw the items in your cart say "sold out." But if you're late to the party and are still wondering how much is the Kylie Cosmetics Mini Matte Lipstick Kit, you'll have even more reason to want it come Thursday when it's restocked.

The kit is one of the best additions to the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection because it offers six different colors of the matte lipsticks — you get to try a variety of different colors all in one set without having to break the bank by buying six normal-sized lip kits that cost $29 for the kit.

The Mini Matte Lipstick Kit is only $36 and includes the shades Dolce, Exposed, Candy, Koko, Kristen, and Leo. While these six are mostly neutral shades from the matte collection, Jenner threw in one of her newest shades, Leo, which is named after astrology sign because of her August 10th birthday.

The gorgeous gold packaging makes the birthday collection even more to-die-for. It sold out within minutes during Monday's launch, but lucky for you, you can snag some more of the collection on Thursday, Aug. 4 at 1 p.m. PST.

Thanks for such a fast restock, Kylie!

The Mini set is the perfect to get your hands on several Kylie Cosmetics matte lipstick colors, especially if you haven't tried the brand at all yet.

Here's to hoping she will release more mini matte lip kits after her birthday is over!

Her fans of course went crazy today after the collection sold out almost instantly and some took to Twitter to voice their feelings:

Better be prepared for the next restock, super fans!

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (3)