Bite Beauty Multisticks Will Be Here Super Soon

One of the best things about the art of makeup is using a product for a purpose other than for which it was intended. Who hasn't used a lipstick as a blush or vice versa? Bite Beauty's new Multisticks are the ultimate multi-feature multitaskers. The brand, known for its decadent lipsticks and lip products, has expertly crafted a rich, creamy, buildable, and blendable manifestation of the concept of using one product for different features. Bite founder Susanne Langmuir was inspired to create a formula that performs as wonderfully on lips as it does on cheeks and eyes. Translation? The Bite Beauty Multisticks are monochromatic makeup nirvana! One stick does all! When are the Bite Beauty Multisticks available to shop?

The Bite Beauty Multisticks cruise into Sephora on August 19.

But wait. It gets even better. I know, I didn't think it was possible, either. There are 18 shades of Multisticks and all of the hues were designed to compliment every skin tone. That pretty much means that all of the colors are universally wearable and will look good on any wearer. The Multisticks are silicone-free, made with 35% powder, apply like a cream, and wear like a powder. That means the product is breathable on all features.

Observe the Bite Beauty Multistick, which is also edible. Yum!

A soft focus finish — so pretty.

The Multistick is formatted for the face and can be used on any and all features. Oh, did I mention that it's edible? Yes, I did. Mmm.

The idea that this product was designed with comfort in mind appeals to me. Sure, I have substituted a lipstick for blush when I've wanted a flush of color on my cheeks but didn't have a blush at hand. I have dabbed lipstick on my eyes for a cream shadow effect, too.

It wasn't always the most comfortable feeling on my skin, but it got the job done. You don't have to worry about that sticky or clingy feeling with the Multistick.

You can apply directly to the skin from the bullet in order to build color.

Or you can smudge onto skin with fingers for a soft wash of color.

Buff 'n' blend.

The mission statement!

A delish Macaroon. From Bite.

Get ready to shop 18 shades on August 19.

Images: Bite Beauty/Instagram (8)