See All Of Real Technique's New Miracle Sponges

To call a beauty product a miracle is pretty bold, but one company isn't holding back: Real Techniques just launched a Miracle Sponge Collection. The shapes and colors of the sponges are different than you might normally be used to using for blending, so be prepared for something completely new. What sponges are in the new collection, you ask? If you thought their beautyblender dupe was good, then just wait until you see all the new additions.

Brace yourself, because three new makeup tools are coming your way. Real Techniques is expanding their line of beauty sponges in just about the flashiest way: We've got marbles, oranges, pinks, and purples, each made to target a specific makeup application woe. The collection, which consists of four new sponges, is all available to shop as soon as your heart desires.

According to their site, every sponge is designed for a specific beauty purpose. Whether you're highlighting and contouring or looking to clean up your look, there's a new tool for you. There's even a foamy tool designed to take on full-face makeup application. It's pretty incredible, if you ask me. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the classic orange sponge, so I'm excited to hear that the company is expanding the makeup greatness.

The shapes and colors are enough to intrigue any beauty lover. Those new shapes look a little intimidation, but luckily there's breakdown of every single side of these tools on the Real Techniques website. Here's a look into all the new shapes.

1. Miracle Mini Eraser

Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges, $1.78, Amazon

These little guys were designed to actually touch up your makeup mishaps. Forget about mascara flakes and fallen eyeshadow, because these will quickly hide any mistake.

2. Miracle Sculpting Sponge

Miracle Scrulpting Sponge, $6, Amazon

According to the site, this sponge will work with and cream, powder, or liquid highlight and contour to sculpt out the shape of your face.

3. Miracle Diamond Sponge

Miracle Diamond Sponge, $10, Real Techniques

This diamond beauty applicator won't be available until August 15, but it's definitely worth the wait. Although the swirled look is different for every single tool, it's designed to fit every single curve of your face.

4. Miracle Complexion Sponge

Miracle Complexion Sponge Four-Pack, $18, Amazon

Or course, the makeup sponge that started it all is still in the collection as well.

I can't wait to get my hands on these to try them out!

Images: (4), realtechniques/Instagram (1)