Did Kim K Really Make The Chop?

There must be something in the water the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s been drinking from. OK, maybe it’s more just like the warm weather — but whatever the case, something has got this crew of stylish women in the mood to chop their hair, even if only temporarily. Is Kim Kardashian’s lob cut real? When it comes to haircuts, I’ve definitely been fooled by this family before. Update: Kardashian confirmed the lob is just a wig in a post on her website.

Kholé Kardashian was the first sister to make the chop this summer and her ‘do was in fact the real deal. That inspired Kendall Jenner to also join the short hair club. Then, sister Kylie Jenner followed suit. Just when you think they're all ready to go short full-time, you find out Jenner's was actually only a wig. Tricky, tricky!

I honestly believe it’s still too soon to tell if Kim K’s new length is here to stay. She’s been known to use the same wig expert as the youngest Jenner in the past, so nothing would surprise me. Since she debuted the fresh locks on Snapchat, her fresh chop has yet to make another appearance. While I really hope Kardashian’s got a chic new lob, I’ll just have to sit back and wait for more selfies to prove it for certain. Because you know with Kardashian, the photo evidence will come. All we have to do is wait for it.

She is looking too sleek right now.

She admits that she's feeling this look, and who could blame her?

The true test of a new haircut... does it look good with a Snapchat filter? This one passes with flying colors.

Jenner's short hair was just a wig, though.

But, this model fully committed and actually cut her hair off.

This sister isn't afraid to own the short style, either.

So, who will Kim K take after when it comes to making the cut permanent or not? Your guess is as good as mine. All I know for certain is, I'm beyond excited to find out.