LuMee Cases Just Got A Chic Upgrade

When it comes to taking the perfect selfie, there’s just no one quite like Kim Kardashian to show you how to do it. So, when she comes out with two new (even chicer) versions of illuminating phone cases, you’re going to want to scoop them right up! How much are the new marble LuMee phone cases? Let’s run the numbers.

According to Snapchat, Kim K designed these cases herself. There’s a black marbled version as well as a white option, and they're both available for sale on the LuMee website. The white case is only available for pre-sale at the moment and won’t ship out until August 17. Just a head’s up. Each case is made to fit an iPhone 6s and costs $54.95. And that seems to be a reasonable price for the perfect photo. Because the best ones really are hard to come by.

If you don’t know what the big deal about these LuMee cases are, well, let me fill you in. They’re lined with LED lighting on either side of your phone to help create the best lighting for your selfie-taking endeavors. Not to mention, each one is also comes equipped with a dimmer button so that you can control how bright the lights are. So, you’ll never have to settle for average lighting again. Why take a mediocre photo of yourself when you could take an incredible one, you know?

Give your phone a Kim K status upgrade with these ultra luxe cases.

That way, you can get the best lighting, each and every time.

They're available to shop on on, so you know what to do! Exactly what Kim K would do, naturally.

iPhone 6s LuMee Case in Black Marble, $55, LuMee

Cop a stylish phone accessory in black marble print.

iPhone 6s LuMee Case in White Marble, $55, LuMee

Or choose a white marble case and have it shipped out on August 17.

You can't go wrong with either option. It's just a matter of how long you're willing to wait!

Images: KimKardashian/Snapchat (1); Courtesy LuMee (2)