Ariana Grande's Hat Trick Is Just Genius

Ariana Grande’s got a signature look, and it works for her. Even though she’ll slightly switch things up from time to time (by going and getting some bangs, for example), she always keeps a certain style. Ariana Grande’s way of wearing a hat stays true to the classic look we all know and love. Because when it comes to rocking a baseball cap, she’s got a few hat tricks. Literally.

Everyone’s used to seeing Grande wear a super high ponytail. Even on her most “dressed down” days, she keeps the hairstyle in tact. So, it should really come as no surprise that she found the perfect way to sport a cap and a high pony all at once. Grande cut a hole in the top of her hat so she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her locks in order to look super trendy and cool in her athleisure ensemble.

I absolutely love that she did this, too. Because as far as I’m concerned, she’s changed the way we wear our headgear once and for all. Who really likes that whole low pony nonsense anyways, you know? Leave it to Grande to solve all our hat-wearing woes. She discovered an ingenious styling hack, all with one simple snip.

Because everyday should be a glam ponytail kind of day.

Whether you're willing to go cut a hole in your favorite cap or no, take a style cue from Grande and pair some super cute hairstyles with your baseball hat. Because you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, you know?

1. Messy Bun

This video shows you how to complete three different looks, but that messy bun is by far the coolest, if you ask me.

2. Loose Braids

These loose, messy braids are great for a short to medium length and will get you look in absolutely adorable in no time! They're great for when you need to look amazing quick, fast and in a hurry.

3. Visor-Style

Grande would be proud of you for freeing your hair from boundaries. This DIY visor tutorial is great for rocking high ponytails and letting your curls fly.

4. Double Buns

The double bun 'do that's about two minutes into this tutorial is just too cute. What could be better than wearing a messy bun with your cap? Wearing two, of course.

5. Tucked Under

All right so maybe you're not feeling your hair today. That's totally OK because the tucked-under 'do featured in this video is a great way to hide your strands, all while looking fab, no matter what kind of hat you throw on your head.

6. Looped Pigtails

Upgrade your hat and pigtail game by giving this loop-through version of a pigtail a try, why don't you?

7. Pinned In Place

Pinning your tresses will keep it off of your neck, which is great for beating the heat. What I love about this is that if you use those bobby pins strategically, you'll have a look that's great with or without the headwear. You know, just in case.

What are you waiting for? Pull out those caps and get ready to channel your inner Grande. Because hats can be used on good hair days, after all.

Images: YouTube (7)