Ellen Pompeo's Philosophy Campaign Is So Important

Ellen Pompeo has been one of the most recognizable faces in television for over ten years as a result of her starring role on Grey's Anatomy. Now, however, Pompeo is taking a different role, and it's got an incredible message for women everywhere. Ellen Pompeo's Philosophy campaign is celebrating the oft downtrodden stage of middle age and encouraging women everywhere to buck stereotypes and age in a new, cool way.

The #CoolAger campaign will feature Pompeo in videos designed to inspire laughter and to combat the idea that middle age is only for mid life crises. The videos will be hosted on website, a site dedicated to encouraging women to embrace their age and live their lives to the fullest despite others' calls that middle age is the end of fun.

The #CoolAger campaign by Philosophy, featuring Ellen Pompeo, is not only a unique way to launch their latest product, Uplifting Miracle Worker, but also a charitable cause as well. Proceeds from Uplifting Miracle Worker benefit mental healthcare for women. As part of the product launch, Philosophy is donating $10,000 to the Aviva Family and Children’s Services, a program chosen by Pompeo herself that provides mental healthcare to at-risk children and families.

Uplifiting Miracle Worker Moisturizer, $65, Philosophy

Essentially, Ellen Pompeo's #CoolAger Campaign with Philosophy serves as more than just your typical beauty campaign. Instead, it's reaching women everywhere, telling them to live their life beautifully regardless of age and supporting initiatives that impact women's daily lives.

That's a campaign anyone can get behind.

For more details on the #CoolAger campaign, check out Philosophy's behind the scenes video with Pompeo and get ready to be inspired.