Keep Hair Straight All Day Long With 8 Products That Work

My head is a built-in hygrometer. I can immediately tell when the humidity is above 20 percent, because when the humidity is above 20 percent, my ends curl, my roots frizz, and my bangs have that 80s-newscaster thing going on. Learning how to keep hair straight all day was my utmost priority, especially during my middle school days, when pin-straight hair was the style, and having gym outside meant lugging a hair straightener to and from school three times a week. Did all the girls do that? No. Did I? You bet.

I soon learned, however, that keeping hair straighter for longer is more about the prepping and styling process than it is about your mad hot-ironing skills. You can run a section of hair through your flat iron until it looks like straw (and I promise you, it will), but if you don’t wash with moisture-locking ingredients, let hair adequately air dry, style with a blow dryer, and finish with healthy serums, you might as well have skipped the straightening altogether, because frizz and curls will ensue the second you come into contact with any kind of weather. Check out these great products to keep hair straight no matter what, even in 21 percent humidity.

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1. Cleanse Hair To Reduce Frizz — Don’t Shampoo It

Renpure Cleansing Conditioner, $7, Amazon

Straight hair starts in the shower, and I will never stop pushing cleansing conditioner, because until I started using it, my hair was perpetually frizzy and hard to manage. Renpure cleansing conditioner is made with sulfate-free ingredients that cleanse your scalp of build-up and dirt without compromising your natural oils — which means that hair is clean, lightweight, and smells great, all while staying super hydrated.

2. Condition With Protein-Renewing Coconut Oil

Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner , $7, Amazon

I straight-up open a can of coconut milk and smear it on my head weekly as a straightening mask because coconut milk is extra moisturizing and has proteins that fortify the strands. It can get pretty messy though, which is where this coconut milk conditioner (with the organic coconut milk mixed right in) comes in. It’s especially great for healing damaged hair, because it leaves your locks silky, smooth, and very manageable.

3. Dry Hair 75 Percent Before Styling

Brooklyn Bamboo Bath Towels , $29, Amazon

Before you straighten your hair, you have to dry it, and before you dry it, you should air dry it. Stylists like Stacey Weinstein suggest waiting until hair is 75 percent of the way dry before styling, because it severely cuts down on damage and frizz. These Brooklyn Bamboo bath towels are way more absorbent, soft, and lightweight because they’re made with organic bamboo. Wrapping your head in one of these guys while you do your makeup will ensure that your hair is dried quickly and efficiently without breakage.

4. Keep Hair Protected, sleek, And Frizz-Free

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, $13, Amazon

Stylist Nunzio Saviano pushes the importance of a good heat protectant spray; it not only stops damage from your blow dryer and straightener — it locks in essential moisture that keeps hair sleek and frizz-free. This blow-dry spray has over 1,500 rave reviews because its lightweight formula cuts down on drying time while simultaneously protecting, smoothing, setting, and detangling. Reviewers call it a "must-purchase" and "magic in a bottle."

5. Try A Hair Dryer That’s Made For Straightening

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler Dryer, $31, Amazon

I’m all for starting your straightening journey with a blow dryer, because skipping straight to the straightener creates unnecessary heat damage. If you’re not so great with styling, Conair's tourmaline ceramic styler dryer has a built-in styling brush that grabs hair while it dries it for sleek, straight locks. It’s also got a two-heat setting, a ceramic design, and ionizing technology to reduce damage.

6. Use A Straightening Brush Instead Of A Flat Iron

GLAMFIELDS Straightening Brush, $42, Amazon

Straightener brushes (like this ionic hair straightener brush) can be much more effective than flat irons, because instead of straightening only the top and bottom layers, they reach in between strands to achieve an all-over sleek look. This one’s got super high reviews because it’s powerful, ionizing, quick, can be used on large sections at a time, and works really well on every kind of hair (even thick).

7. Give Your Hair Some Hold On Humid Days

Andalou Naturals Perfect Hold Hair Spray , $8 (Was $11), Amazon

If it’s a particularly humid day, a great medium-hold hair spray might do you some serious good. The Andalou Naturals hair spray is made with natural ingredients that control static, shield against humidity, and give you healthy, manageable hair from root to tip. Reviewers are absolutely thrilled, and saying things like: “I am happy to find this hair spray after searching periodically over literally decades… This hair spray has fabulous natural ingredients, provides body and texture and nice hold without being stiff or sticky.”

8. Rejuvenate With A Moisturizing Hair Serum

Arganicare Macadamia Hair Serum , $19, Amazon

Hair that’s healthy and moisturized holds up much better to frizzing and curling because it’s got weight and elasticity to it. This Arganicare's macadamia hair serum is safe for color-treated hair, and it's especially great if your strands have endured too much damage from dyeing or straightening. It provides your hair will tons of fatty acids that rejuvenate and protect hair, and it’s also an awesome after-straightening serum to keep your style in place.

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