8 Stylist Tricks For Blow Drying Hair Much Faster

I haven’t stepped foot in a salon in about five years, but it’s solely out of laziness and my typical “these hair shears I found in the medicine cabinet will do fine” mentality. But when it comes to the fastest way to dry hair, I’ve still got a lot of respect for professional stylists and their ability to blow dry hair faster than anyone else. Personally, I’ve been blow drying my hair every day since I hit puberty, and in the last twelve years, I’ve managed to cut my drying time down from two hours to 15 minutes.

Yes, it’s about learning the hair drying techniques that the pros use, but it’s also about your tools and the way you prep your hair, and no one knows that better than the pros themselves. From the second you step in the shower to that last dime-sized amount of finishing serum, you’re doing things that are going to seriously affect the quality and health of your hair, as well as the time it’ll take to get through the whole process. Here are a few great hair drying tips from professional stylists and beauty experts, so you can cut your drying time in half.

1. Never Use An Average Towel On Hair Before Blow Drying

Iduna Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel, $9, Amazon

A rough towel could actually sabotage your blow drying session before it even starts. “That excessive back-and-forth rubbing is only roughing up your hair cuticle," Xue said, "so skip it in favor of squeezing with a soft microfiber towel instead.” The Iduna Beauty microfiber hair towel quickly absorbs and wicks moisture from sopping wet hair, and it’s got a button and loop attachment that keeps it in place and out of the way. It’s also big enough to hold the thickest hair, and it seriously cuts down on drying time.

2. Invest In A Professional Hair Dryer

Berta Professional Hair Dryer, $40 (Was $90), Amazon

Stylist Christopher Marrero told Fitness Magazine, “The very first step to a great blow dry is a great blow dryer. What you want to look for is a dryer with the name ‘professional’ in it.” You also want something around 1800 watts. He explains that this type of dryer will get a lot of air out without damaging your hair. This Berta professional hair dryer is 1875 watts and uses negative ions, tons of air flow, and two infrared heat settings to dry hair quickly with minimal frizz and virtually no damage.

3. Prime Hair With Heat Conducting Polymers

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer Spray, $7, Amazon

As Faith Xue told Byrdie, “Heat-conducting polymers in the products help wick moisture away from your hair, which leads to a shorter blow-dry.” She directly recommends Redken's 'Pillow Proof' primer spray, which not only protects your hair from heat, but it actually speeds up the whole process. It results in a silky smooth finish that lasts much longer, too.

4. Section Hair Off Into Four Parts

Sectioning Alligator Hair Clips, $9, Amazon

When looking to achieve a seven-minute blow out, DreamDry stylist Christopher Marrero told Fitness Magazine that he suggests “sectioning the hair into four parts,” and “starting with the top.” This ensures volumized routes and a quick technique that saves you time. These six cool-looking sectioning alligator hair clips hold a large amount of hair with a rubberized no-slip design. They work well for silky thin hair and thick hair alike, and reviewers love them because they’re durable and reliable.

5. Get Your Roll On

SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic Boar Bristle Brush, $16 (Was $18), Amazon

For easy smoothing and styling, stylist Lizzy Weinberg told Refinery 29, “Go in with a boar-bristle round brush.” In fact, most stylists prefer these types of brushes because they evenly distribute oil, damage hair less, and can help you achieve volume with a rolling movement. This SUPRENT thermal ceramic boar bristle brush is ventilated to promote air flow and ionized to prevent frizz and damage. It’s also heat-resistant and does wonders for the feel and shine of your hair.

6. Try Splitting Up The Time

ENJOY Conditioning Spray, $18 (Was $21), Amazon

“What I tell my clients who have no time is, 'Do as much as you can at night and sleep on it,'" says Ricky Pennisi, stylist and owner of Atelier Country Salon and Spa. He suggests partially drying your hair the night before, and then reactivating it in the morning with a moisture spray, like ENJOY Conditioning Spray. It helps with detangling and styling, and it provides tons of anti-frizz benefits without weighing hair down or making it greasy.

7. Take Care Of Hair Long Term

Art Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask, $13 (Was $25), Amazon

“If your hair is holding on to moisture, or taking forever to dry, it’s due to lack of [moisture],” Weinberg says. Consequently, she recommends deep-conditioning treatments a few times a month, as healthy hair will be much more manageable and easier to dry. The Art Naturals argan oil hair mask is a number one best seller because it’s loaded with great ingredients, including Moroccan argan oil, which hydrates and nourishes strands from the inside out to keep them healthy, shiny, and protected.

8. When Showering, Comb Hair With Keratin Brush

Olina Handmade Natural Sheep Horn Comb, $21 (Was $31), Amazon

Faith Xue, the editorial director at beauty site Byrdie, said, “Conditioner not only smooths your strands but can help them dry faster, too.” According to Xue, the conditioner's silicone can repel water by smoothing down each strand of hair. She suggests keeping a wide-toothed comb in your shower to brush conditioner through, like this Olina handmade natural sheep horn comb. It has tons of natural keratin that makes it static-free and better at distributing oils, which will help prepare your hair for the blow dryer's heat. That’s why it glides effortlessly through your hair, and it won’t snag or split like plastic.

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