Kim Kardashian Works Out In Full Glam Mode

by Augusta Statz

You’re crunched for time, but you still want to get a workout in, so you wind up going to the gym still wearing your makeup. Nobody can relate to that more than this busy woman. And believe me, I get it, too. Kim Kardashian works out in full hair and makeup (at least sometimes), according to her Snapchat.

Kardashian posted a video of her woking out in full-on glam. While that’s not the best move for your skin, we’ve all been there, right? She was trying to fit in a quick workout in between her busy filming schedule, and sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. But, it is important to note the best ways to care for your skin after putting it through a session of sweating and overheating while also wearing pore-clogging makeup.

You’re going to want to pamper yourself a little more than usual after a spin session with your hair and face all done up. Focus a little more on deep-cleansing and really treating your skin. After all you put it through, it deserves it. This goes for you, too, Kardashian! There are some excellent tutorials on post-workout skincare practices for the times when you’re channeling your inner Kim K at the gym.

OK, it's go time!

She's just working on her fitness.

In typical Kim K style.

Get it, girl! But, for real. Be sure to take care of your skin after! Here's a cheat sheet for what to do after you've sweat it out.

1. Quick Cleanse

Lavender Towelettes, $16, Herban Essentials

According to Into The Gloss, the best thing for your skin is to remove the sweat from it as soon as possible. These towelettes will calm redness and remove makeup. Even if you can't take all of your makeup off, it could really help prevent blemishes if you at least dab this on your skin after a workout.

2. Replenish

Soothing Face Mist, $18, Glossier

Rehydrate with a soothing rosewater spritz after sweating. It will give a dewy finish to your makeup, without removing it (if you're concerned about that).

3. Cool

Milk Makeup Cooling Water, $24, Sephora

This stick literally has a cooling feeling when applied. So, it's great for touching up post-workout. You can use as a highlight, to de-puff under your eyes or apply wherever you see fit.

4. Deep Cleanse

Mask Of Magnaminty, $13.95-$25.95, Lush

A deep-cleansing facial is just the kind of thing you need to use before going to bed, especially on the days you've been the most rough on your skin. This will work to unclog pores, which is just the kind of thing you'll need after your makeup-filled fitness session.

5. Moisturize

Coconut Sheer Oil, $44, Kopari

It's time to give your face all of that moisture you lost while sweating up a storm. This will not only help to remove excess dirt and grime, but it'll also work wonders to replenish the skin. Not to mention, it'll smell amazing. Think of it as a vacation for your face!

Now when you work out with your makeup on, you'll know just how to handle it to leave your skin feeling and looking so much better. Because living a Kim K lifestyle ain't easy, but it's worth it.

Images: KimKardashian/Snapchat (4); Courtesy Brands (5)