11 100 Layers Of Clothing Videos You Need You See

The 100 layers of beauty products challenges are taking social media by storm, and now fashion fans are getting involved too. Fashionistas have recently taken to YouTube to start the 100 layers of clothing challenge. It might sound a little mundane, but these videos are pretty darn entertaining. These 11 videos will have you laughing your head off and wanting to go shopping all at the same time.

It seems like there's a challenge for everything these days. Whether you're looking to cake your face in dripping layers of foundation, paint on a polish mountain to your nails, or do it all, there's someone willing to try. Now that also includes fashion enthusiasts.

This version of the challenge is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: People pile on all their favorite shirts and dresses all at once and turn into a much rounder, more padded version of yourself. Think all the clothes laying on your floor right now being put onto someone's body. Not pretty.

Like all good challenges though, some have tried and failed. Yet both the winners and the loser are extremely entertaining to watch. I guess you need a certain mental and physical strength to be able to pile all those clothing items on at one time. Here are the best clothing challenges out there. Be warned though: You might end up sitting here and watching them all day long.

1. 100 Layer Success

Saying the struggle is real doesn't even begin to describe this situation.

2. Unsuccessful Run

Unfortunately, she only gets to layer 78. Watching her try to remove all the layers is just as entertaining as her trying to get them on though.

3. Above And Beyond

If you can believe it, this vlogger actually puts on more than 100 layers.

4. Shirts Only

This one might only involve shirts, but it's just as funny to watch.

5. On & Off Challenge

Because it turns out that taking the 100 layers off is just as much of a challenge.

6. Solo Act

Note to self: Don't do the 100 layers of clothing challenge by yourself.

7. Mid-Challenge Nap

It's so exhausting that she actually lays down to take a nap mid-challenge.

8. Undies Only

This vlogger takes it to the next level by doing the challenge with only underwear.

9. T-Shirt Mountain

Not only does he buy and wear all 100 t-shirts at once, but he donates them after he's done.

10. 100 Layer Fail

Because even the unsuccessful runs are worth a watch.

11. Lingerie Edition

I'm mostly blown away by the fact that she owns this many matching sets.

Take the challenge at your own risk.

Image: eleventhgorgeous/YouTube (1)