This NikkieTutorials X Too Faced Video Is Must-See

If there’s one thing NikkieTutorials is good at, it’s creating incredibly fun makeup looks and showing you how to do them for yourself. So, when she collabs on a line that you can buy for yourself, you’re going to want to get your hands on it. This NikkieTutorials X Too Faced how to video will get you even more excited for this collaboration to drop.

Not only did this beauty vlogger come up with some super fun colors in the Power Of Makeup Palette, but she’s also showing you just how to use them to give yourself a colorful smoky eye look. The collection contain a palette full of shadows, blushes, a bronzer, a highlighter, and loads of extra eye products. This $56 purchase will come with the palette as well as an eye primer, glitter pot, eye liner and purple (yes, purple!) mascara.

In this video, NikkieTutorials shows you how to use the “Wham Bam” shade to create bold purple eye makeup that’s to die for. The shimmery shadows can be used to highlight the inner corner of the eyes while the shade “Makeup & Chill” can be used under the eye to make your look pop even more. So, this range has got it all. Neutrals, bolds and shimmers. What else could you need, you know?

How fun is this eyeshadow? I can't get enough of it.

She's a purple goddess, and the good news is you can be, too!

If you're loving this glam as much as I am, then get ready to shop the collection as soon as it drops on August 15.

And the fun doesn't stop there with this collab. There's also plenty of glitter to play around with.

Clearly, NikkieTutorials X Too Faced is going to be a hit.

There's no way you won't want to get your hands on a palette packed with this many beautiful colors.

Considering the doesn't just stop with the palette, it's definitely worth a purchase.

Now, just watch the video 1,000 more times while you wait until August 15 to get here.

Images: YouTube (1); nikkietutorials/Instagram (1); Courtesy Too Faced (2)