5 Things You Didn’t Know About TrendMooD

TrendMooD is a viral sensation. But wait, what or who is TrendMooD? You may be asking this question, and if so, you must be a beauty junkie like me. Brace yourselves — I had a chance to interview TrendMooD's Sophie Shab, the Instagram sensation that gives you all of the breaking beauty news all of the time. Here are five things you didn't know about TrendMooD — if you're not already following her, I guarantee you will be after reading our one-on-one.

TrendMooD has been bringing beauty fans breaking news since July 2012, and the site doesn't seem to be slowing down. If you take a glance at some of Bustle's breaking beauty news stories, you'll probably find a TrendMooD mention in it. Why is that? Because TrendMooD's unique ability to crowdsource and network make it an untapped resource for deals. But who's the brain behind the account? Sophie Shab is the mastermind giving everyone the inside scoop on their favorite beauty blogger collaborations, latest releases, and sneak peek swatches.

Luckily, I was able to speak with Shab about the secrets behind her account, its sucess, and where's it going from here. Suffice it to say, I learned a lot, and these five things you didn't know about TrendMooD are sure to make it your favorite Instagram account (if it wasn't already).

Prepare to be wowed:

1. Founder Sophie Shab Has A Strong Cosmetics Background

Shab isn't just an Instagram makeup lover. She has a true love of makeup, which started when she was 18. Shab explains that it was her love of makeup — and spare time during pregnancy — that led her to create the page.

"Once I turned 18 I became a makeup artist, By the age of 23, I moved to South America and began to study fashion design. I continued my love for makeup and combined it with fashion in Peru, working with Miss Peru and various magazines," Shab tells me. "I started TrendMooD back in July 2012, since I was pregnant and had some extra time on my hands. I literally created TrendMooD to share my passion with the world, which just so happened to include makeup. Since then we have created an amazing makeup community!"

2. TrendMooD Is Majorly Crowd Sourced

Shab is always grateful to the community she's formed on TrendMooD and thanks her fellow makeup lovers often. They're how she gets the majority of her news. She tells me, "A lot of the info we receive is from our amazing makeup community. They are on it! They see things faster than anyone else."

3. Some Posts Are More Popular Than Others

While all of TrendMood's post are perfectly designed for makeup lovers, some are more popular than others. According to Shab, sneak peeks and swatches rank in the top tier of views for the account.

4. TrendMooD Collaborates With Brands

Some may think that TrendMooD is not a brand's favorite page due to their disclosure of sneak peeks, but that's not exactly true. In fact, Shab collaborates with many brands. She explains, "We definitely have direct contacts with brands. Some send us products to review and post, while others send us products first and news understanding what TrendMooD is all about."

5. TrendMooD's Got An Upcoming Collab

TrendMooD x Ciate London is happening further solidifying Shab's work with brands. So far, there's no word on what shades are to be included in the collaboration's palette, but Shab said, "We are definitely working on future collaborations! Our next one will be with Ciate! It was important for me to do something that includes the whole community as much as possible...we are all so creative and together we make a great team." So maybe a little fan participation will be required?

TrendMooD is only continuing to grow, and these fast facts you may not have known about the account only show just how big the site has gotten. Ever since Shab created the site four years ago, it's become a must-follow for beauty addicts, and things don't seem to be slowing down.

Images: TrendMooD