Kylie Jenner Might've Given A Huge Snapchat Clue

Kylie Cosmetics is on a roll. It's not just a new product or restock kind of roll, though. On Sunday, Kylie Cosmetics announced Kylie Jenner's birthday collection, and she definitely dropped some killer products. As a present to herself, though, Jenner seems to have created gold lip kits. So, will Kylie Cosmetics sell gold lip kits? We know that the reality star and Kylie Cosmetics creator can create gold lip kits. Both her mini lip kit collection, the new Leo lip kit, and Poppin gloss come in gold packaging, so could she do the entire lip kit collection in gold?

The gold packaging on the Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection is undoubtedly gorgeous, and it was perfect for the special occasion. However, based on one of her most recent Snapchat stories, it seems as though she was loving the gold packaging for more than just her birthday. Jenner had her entire collection of lippies made in gold just for her, and they're completely stunning. From Kourt K to Reign, the lip kits and glosses got covered in gold.

So far, there's been no indication from Jenner that the lip kits could be released in gold, but considering that she's already creating the kits in the metallic hue, why not?

While the classic black will always be in style, the gold packaging is ultra luxe which is perfect for Jenner's brand. After all, we definitely know that Jenner's taste skew toward luxury, and she'd be giving fans a taste of that with gold lip kits.

Sure, Jenner's lip kits may stay in black, but it's had not to want them in their gold packaging. So, if you were wondering if Kylie Cosmetics would sell gold lip kits, I think it's a solid maybe. While the full range of shades in gold are just for Jenner at the moment, that could always change.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat