You Can Almost Buy Michael Phelps Olympic Jacket

Friday evening, the 2016 Olympic games will begin as athletes from around the world hit the Maracanã Stadium in Rio for the opening ceremony. Each country selects an athlete to represent it by carrying the flag in the open ceremony, and this time around, team USA gave that honor to Michael Phelps. So you may be wondering, where can you buy Michael Phelps' Olympic opening ceremony jacket?

As the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 22 medals, a lot of people look up to Phelps and his designation as the representative for team USA isn't exactly surprising, nor is his light-up USA jacket (well, maybe the light-up part is a little surprising). Phelps' black USA jacket that he will wear to the Rio Olympics opening ceremony is quite the hit for fashion people and sports enthusiasts everywhere.

Fun fact, Phelps' opening ceremony jacket was designed by Ralph Lauren, and for every social media post using #LikeToLight, $1 will be donated to the United States Olympic Foundation from the Polo Ralph Lauren foundation.

There will surely be a surge in patriotic athleisure wear as a result of the Rio Olympics, so if you're dying over Phelps' USA jacket, there will definitely be some options on the market for you, although I'm not sure how many will actually come with lights. Maybe you can get crafty later. No word as to whether Ralph Lauren will send his electroluminescent patriotic design to retail.

Here are a few Phelps-inspired jackets so you can get some USA gear of your own.

1. This Ralph Lauren Jacket

Team USA Ceremony Wool Blazer, $695,

This is about the closest you can get to the real thing, although unfortunately it does not come with an electroluminescent USA. They have men's and women's versions, so you can get the perfect fit.

2. This Sporty Jacket From Nike

Nikelab Team USA Dynamic Reveal Jacket, $450,

Do you think this jacket will make me athletic?

3. This Hip One From Forever 21

Entree USA Athletic Jacket, $65,

Love the mismatching sleeves on this trendy jacket.

4. This Simple USA Tee

Champion Reverse Weave USA Heritage Tee, $34,

Basically the cooler version of those Old Navy 4th of July shirts your parents always bought you.

5. This Polo Ralph Lauren Pullover

Polo Ralph Lauren Team USA Half-Zip Sweatshirt, $98.50,

I feel athletic just looking at this sweatshirt.

6. This Polo Ralph Lauren Hoodie

Navy Team USA 2016 Olympics Pullover Hoodie, 98.50,

Ralph Lauren might have a small monopoly on Team USA gear.

7. This USA Cutoff Shirt

Women's Embellished USA Tank, $29.99,

It's summer, who needs a jacket anyway?