Are The ColourPop Summer Kits Still Available?!

Summer 2016 has entered its home stretch and back-to-school season is already in full swing, as marketing efforts are encroaching on students and their time off. It's going to be hot and sunny for another two months and there's plenty of summer fun to be had. ColourPop Cosmetics' Summer Survival Kits will help you beat the heat by staying beautiful and trendy with your makeup! It's been hot AF, so the L.A.-based indie makeup brand has restocked the Beach Please, Foxy, Mile High, and Staycation collections. Are these ColourPop Survival Kits sold out? Or are they still available to shop?

I've got rad news, ColourPop fiends and summer makeup lovers! The ColourPop Survival Kits remain in stock and they are there for the taking. For just $25 and under, respectively, you get several high-performance, excellent quality, and on trend products. The sets are perfectly curated to suit your summer moods. ColourPop is known for offering current looks at affordable prices without sacrificing an once of quality. The Summer Survival Kits are the perfectly executed manifestation of this fact.

So, celebrate the remaining days of summer by painting your pout with the mini matte lippies in the Foxy collection. Or you can coat your lips with any of the six Lippie Stix in the Staycation set.

But these kits are not just about the lips. The eyes have it, too. The Mile High Eyeshadow range hosts a bunch of rich neutrals that will carry you into fall, while the Beach Please shadows will transport you to the beach...even when you are nowhere near the ocean and sand.

Since supply of the Survival Kits has been replenished, why waste time? Shop now and stock up! Even though you want to cling to the last vestiges of summer, the products are certainly wearable in the fall.

Images: ColourPop/Instagram (1); ColourPop (1)