17 Times Rachel Green's Wardrobe Was Goals AF

Considering how majorly popular Friends was in the mid '90s and early 2000s, admitting that I was never a huge fan of the show may sound blasphemous. Although I may not share the same obsession, however, my hat's off to the show. Rachel Green's wardrobe was ultimate fashion goals, after all.

You don't have to watch every single episode of Friends to know that Rachel was one of the biggest style icons of the '90s, if not the biggest one of all. No offense to Phoebe or Monica, of course, but Rachel was the one whose ensembles gave me the feels. Everything about her style stole my heart, even the iconic Rachel Green haircut that was probably the most in-demand layered 'do of the '90s.

We'd be lying to ourselves if we said Rachel always got it right, though. In between her best looks were some of the worst outfits Rachel Green ever wore. She was still human, right? Nevertheless, Jennifer Aniston had some of the most memorable style moments on television during Friends' run.

It's been over a decade since the end of the hit show, yet we're still obsessing over nearly every single Rachel Green outfit. Homegirl had it going on. As the trendsetting friend of her group, hundreds of those outfits are still worthy of our praise and imitation. But for the sake of not droning on about her iconic style forever, here's to 17 outfits that solidified this woman's wardrobe as being ultimate fashion goals.

1. The USA Sweater

When Rachel represented for the U.S., she looked damn good doing it. Paired with black shorts and signature black stockings, she looked super chic.

2. The Lace-Up Top

This lace-up shirt was sooo early '00s. But unlike the majority of early aught style that's so painful to look at today, this trendy top can still get a pass from us.

3. The Black On Black

Seriously, who the hell cries and looks this darn good at the same time? Not only were Rachel's tied, black button-down and matching skirt so on point in every way, but her hair was also styled to perfection.

4. The Preppy School Girl Outfit

This knee-high socks, plaid skirt, and turtleneck combo would definitely get Cher Horowitz's approval, and thus, a nod from us as well.

5. This Turtleneck & Skirt

Yes to everything Rachel's wearing here. I normally despise turtlenecks with a passion, but I can't help but love the way she always styled them with mini skirts and tights.

6. The Checkered Tank Dress

Rachel also taught us a thing or two about power suits and work-appropriate attire. This look would slay inside the office or outside for a night on the town.

7. The Pleated Skirt & Knee-High Boots

Whenever Rachel wore her black heeled boots, she looked hot AF. Ross definitely knew it, too. Paired with a mini skirt and stockings — because DUH, it's Rachel — she had the perfect outfit going for her here.

8. The Tied Button-Down

As much as I loved Rachel dressed up, her toned-down looks were always effortlessly killer. This tied shirt and mom jeans combo was so casual, yet so cool. And again, that hair. It's just not even fair.

9. The Pink Fur

Leave it to Rachel to make knee-length pink fur look so trendy. And you have to love a good thigh slit. I can imagine Cher going on a shopping spree in this getup, too.

10. The Sleeveless Denim Shirt

Whether it was her overalls, shirts, or mom jeans, Rachel always had the best denim. This sleeveless button-up was no exception. How did she do it?

11. The Black Overalls

All I can say is, yassss! Rachel looking like perfection in overalls is no surprise, considering they were her thing. But this sleeveless, embroidered turtleneck and black denim overalls combo took things to the next level. The outfit would still be super trendy today.

12. The Evening Dress

Rachel wasn't afraid of taking risks with her fashion choices. Wearing this floor-length dress was a bold move that paid off. The lace-up sandals peeking through that thigh slit were also a sexy touch.

13. The Layered Dress

Who didn't love layered tank dresses over tees back in the '90s? We have Rachel to thank for making this a trend.

14. The Co-Ord

Matching separates were as '90s as it got — especially when a cropped top was involved. As simple as this look was, it remains a winner.

15. This Innovative Skirt

We didn't know what hit us when Rachel wore this unique skirt. It was a mini skirt and a maxi all in one, and we loved every bit of it.

16. This Trendy Airport Getup

Rachel Green Fashion 101: Airport attire should always be comfortable and cute. When Rachel broke out the knee-high boots once again to jazz up this otherwise plain outfit, she made us all envious of her casually chic airport style.

17. This Ultra Sexy Number

Was that Jessica Rabbit or Rachel Green? This was definitely one of her best looks ever.

The list of amazing Rachel Green outfits could honestly go on forever. Considering she was the reigning queen of '90s fashion, I wouldn't expect any less.

Images: NBC (17)