Lucy Hale Isn't Embarrassed By Her Zit Cream

It must be difficult being in the public eye all of the time. I so admire the celebs who are able to keep it real because let’s be honest — everyone can't always be in full glam mode. I know I walk around in sweatpants (or no pants) and don’t do my hair or even look in the mirror some days. The fact that Lucy Hale stepped out in zit cream (like, in public) just goes to show that it’s the same for celebrities, too.

Pretty much everyone's had a day where they just let that acne treatment marinate, Netflix and chill, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Hale just happened to take it one step farther and run an errand in the middle of her relaxation sesh. And I absolutely love her for it. Zit cream, sweatpants, baggy tee and a cute puppy as an accessory? Now, that’s my idea of an OOTD.

This isn’t the first time she’s been spotted going makeup-free. It's kinda her thing, in fact. Whether she’s got an early call time or just rocking some major weekend vibes, this girl lets her natural self shine on a regular basis. See her latest makeup-free outing along with nine other times she’s owned her realness, despite her celeb status.

I feel you, girl.

1. Sundays

Sundays are for baseball hats and no makeup.

2. Under Eye Bags

Chanel suits you, girl.

3. On The Farm

OK, seriously. I don't know which of these two are cuter.

4. All Dressed-Up

Because games of dress-up don't have to involve makeup, you know?

5. Woke Up Like This

Sometimes you need a day to just not care about last night's mascara.

6. Beach Days

Beach days aren't always glamorous, and you can count on Hale to remind us all of that. Honestly, we've all been the one with aloe on our backs a time or two.

7. No Product & Puppies

Puppies and a product-free face equals a day well spent.

8. New Year's Eve

Clearly, she rang in the New Year in the best way possible.

9. Beach Babe

Soaking up some rays with only mascara runs and sunscreen on your face. Yep, that's the best part of summer right there.

Obviously, Hale owns her look whether she's dressed to the nines or product-free.