11 Rad Things Your Dad Wore In The '90s

I never thought I would see my father as a fashion icon, but looking back at '90s dad style and what's on trend right now, there isn't really much difference in what's hot and what's not. Maybe our Millennial aesthetics are just getting more practical. Maybe we're subconsciously paying homage to our parents. Or maybe it's pure coincidence. But regardless, dad style from the '90s is totally in vogue for 2016.

Of course, this is something of a generalization. My dad isn't a style icon and not all '90s trends that our dads rocked were cool. I still shudder over socks and sandals, no matter how many different celebrities and Instagram fashionistas try to rock the look.

Nonetheless, I can't help but wonder whether in 20 years time, we'll be looking back at 2016 dad clothes for sartorial inspiration before looking at the youths of the age. Considering the fact that my dad still wears T-shirt from before I was born, I kind of doubt it. Then again, you could dub his style "vintage renewal" and call it a look. I mean, only if you're really that desperate for your dad to be considered fashionable.

And if not? Your dad's '90s threads can be your source of inspiration when searching for comfortable and practical style. Here are 11 things papa probably rocked in the '90s that are totally rad today.

1. Fanny Packs

Vintage Faux Leather Bum Bag, $21, Etsy

Whenever my dad would use his fanny pack on our annual family trip to Orlando, Florida, I grew filled with dread. As the proud owner of two bum bags today, I understand where he was coming from.

2. Mad Shirts

90's Funky Pattern Shirt, $22, Etsy

A wild pattern on a shirt may have been embarrassing at the time, but now? A stock of madness-inducing vintage tops in your wardrobe is a must.

3. Sporty Sweaters

Vintage New York Jets Sweater, $27, Etsy

This was a classic '90s dad weekend look. Today, it's the easiest way to remain comfortable and cool.

4. New Balance Sneakers

New Balance 587 '90s Sneaker, $48, Etsy

I vividly remember when this shoe wasn't cool. But New Balance sneakers are the basic rad footwear that anyone who's anyone owns today.

5. Bucket Hats

'90s Bucket Hat, $24, Etsy

OK, I'll be honest: I'm still not on board with the bucket hat trend. But this is definitely a look that our dads bestowed upon us.

6. Baseball Caps

'90s Tiger Hat, $18, Etsy

Dads were all about keeping the sun out of their eyes. But for us Millennials, baseball caps are just about looking cool — as proven by Kylie Jenner.

7. Flannel Shirts

'90s Flannel Shirt, $34, Etsy

To be fair, grunge did own flannel shirts in the '90s. But our dads wore them a hell of a lot, too.

8. Crazy Sweaters

'90s Jumper, $82, Etsy

As well as some pretty mad shirts, our dads owned some incredibly crazy sweaters: Sweaters I wish my father had held onto so I could wear them now.

9. Sovereigns

Saint George Half Sovereign Ring, $68, Etsy

This might be more of a British thing, but this type of ring was seen solely on dads during the '90s and early '00s. In 2016, almost every fashion blogger I know rocks them.

10. Slides

Vintage '90s White Leather Slides, $22, Etsy

Literally everyone wears slides now. I mean, Rihanna released her own furry slides with Puma, for crying out loud. But let's not forget: '90s dads wore them first.

11. Denim Jackets

Vintage Lee Denim Jacket, $48, Etsy

Most of my mates' denim jackets belonged to their dads in the '90s and this is probably my number one '90s dad trend. After all, an oversized denim jacket never looks uncool.

I hope this list leaves you with a new sense of appreciation for your dad's work as a fashion entrepreneur. Or, at the very least, use it as fuel for planning a weekend getaway home, just so you can raid his wardrobe.

Images: ABC; Courtesy Brands