11 Creepy Things People Say To Women Who Dress Up

"Have faith in your own bad taste" is a quote by John Waters that is tattooed on my leg. This message, however, isn't understood by everyone, which leads to creepy comments from people who don't "dress up," or rather, who don't understand why certain women and femmes love getting dressed up in the first place. Although it may be chic to seem like you don't care about your appearance (even if you're still secretly obsessing over your appearance) I want people to see the effort I've put into looking good. Or into looking like a caricature of a stone cold fox, '50s housewife whose fifth husband just died under "mysterious circumstances."

When we really break it down, the act of dressing up is just a bit of fun. But should you choose to do so regularly, it's likely that people you know, people you hate, and even strangers will regularly feel free to comment on your attire however and whenever they wish. This can be awkward, it can be funny, and it can definitely be uncomfortable.

My personal response to such unwanted verbalizations tends to be flipping the bird, but your preferred form of swearing is entirely up to you. While you decide between which offensive gestures to think about when these moments arise, let's laugh together at the unfortunate and entirely inappropriate comments women who get dressed up have to hear on the daily.

1. "You don't need to dress up"

Need and want are two entirely different creatures altogether. But TBH, my desire to dress up can easily turn into a need if I've just bought a really cute new outfit.

2. "Who are you trying to impress?"

Not you, obviously.

3. "Men prefer natural women"

First of all, this comment is heteronormative AF. Secondly, I couldn't give less of a flying fudge about what men prefer. In fact, you can often find me purposefully doing the exact opposite.

4. "You're so fake"

My aesthetic doesn't affect my personality — and I'll be perfectly honest in telling someone how awful they are for judging others.

5. "What do you look like under all of that?"

That's for me to know and you to never find out.

6. "Who do you think you are?"

Some kind of superstar, obviously.

7. "You're trying too hard"

This is particularly irritating, IMO, because literally everyone is trying in some way. I'd wager that nobody rolls out of bed in the morning and thinks, "I'm going to look like absolute trash today!"

Trashy, on the other hand, I'm definitely trying look like.

8. "Well, I don't like it"

Good thing you're not wearing it then, babe.

9. "You must be insecure"

If you ask me, a far more telling sign of insecurity is nit-picking other people's looks.

10. "How does your man let you out like that?"

No. Just no. A million times no. I don't condone violence, but please spit in the face of anyone who asks you this question. At least mentally.

11. "Vanity isn't attractive"

Repeat after me: Self love is never a bad thing.

Hopefully you are blessed to live in a community where these kinds of comments are a rarity. But knowing how the world usually works, I doubt this to be the case.

You, however, can choose to stay strong, and stay as trashy, tacky, and glamorous as you want to be — no matter what anyone tells you.

Images: Georgina Jones