Get Ready For Your Kylie BDay Collection To Arrive

Say what you will about the pricing of Kylie Cosmetics shipping: As steep as it may be, those lip kits get to their new owners fast. The collection launched less than a week ago, and there are already plenty of happy customers sharing their new purchases on social media. Everyone unboxing Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Collection will get you super pumped for a restock. Because delivery charge or no, this very special limited edition makeup collection is worth it!

Jenner’s birthday collection first dropped on Aug. 1 and sold out in just minutes, as per usual. But, she’s restocking these goodies until her birthday on Aug. 10, so there’s still time to grab these products, if you act quickly.

As if you weren’t already excited enough, these videos and photos of people showing off their Birthday Collection packages will get you hyped to have a black Kylie Cosmetics box on your doorstep in just a matter of days. The line will be available online again at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT, so synchronize your watches and get ready for the purchase of a lifetime. These gold-filled products won’t last long so put your game faces on! There’s some serious shopping to be done here.

It's clear to see why there's so much excitement surrounding this range. It's not everyday that you can shop products as incredible as these, you know?

1. Much Too Good For Sharing

Literally everyone wants to get ahold of these.

2. Time To Celebrate

It's Jenner's birthday, and there's no better way to celebrate.

3. HBD

Happy Birthday to Jenner, but also Happy Birthday to you. Because seriously. The day this arrives to you will be just as special as the day you were born.

4. Unveiling

Even Jenner couldn't wait to unwrap all of these amazing products.

5. Present Time

The more pieces you're able to buy, the better.

6. Hooray

There's nothing quite like the moment your order goes through.

7. The Best View

Couldn't you just stare at your order confirmation all day?

8. Waiting

The Kylie Cosmetics restock is likely the highlight of your day.

9. Lucky

If you're able to grab everything you wanted, consider yourself lucky.

Now, it's almost time to shop in honor of Jenner's birthday. Close your eyes and make a wish! Here's to all of your Kylie Cosmetics-related dreams coming true!

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram (1)