Twitter Is Not Happy About Kylie's Latest Sellout

By now, we all know that anything Kylie Cosmetics related is bound to cause a frenzy, but her Birthday Collection has got to be the most insane yet. After selling out earlier this week, Jenner restocked her Birthday Collection on Thursday, and the Twitter reactions to Kylie's Birthday Collection selling out a second time prove that people are none too pleased.

ICYMI — Kylie Jenner launched a Birthday Collection on Monday, August 1st (in honor of her birthday, of course), featuring several new, limited edition products such as eyeshadows in rose gold, new metal matte lipsticks, and a Kyliner Kit, and the internet lost all its chill. Not only are these products maybe the best she's released yet, but everything in the collection is infused with real gold. So NBD, it's casual.

Naturally, when the collection launched, it sold out right away, but Kylie restocked the highly coveted collection today, August 4th, and if you can believe it (and you can), it sold out again. Because of course it did.

Since this is the second launch, I expected the products to last a tad bit longer, but nope. They are that popular, ladies and gents, and Twitter is not having it.

Some fans are full of despair:

While others are just plain pissed:

But it isn't all bad news:

Being a Kylie Cosmetics fan is a legit emotional roller coaster.