How To Get Khloe Kardashian’s Hair Buns

There's no denying that '90s fashion trends are back in full force. From overalls, chokers, Birkenstocks, and crop tops, we've seen everyone (even celebrities) embrace the past. If you're looking to accessorize your '90s vibes with nothing other than a '90s hairstyle look no further than Khloe Kardashian's hair buns that were inspired by Hailey Baldwin.

Kardashian said herself in a recent Instagram post that Baldwin inspired her two top buns, (which are sometimes called Hello Kitty buns) and have been trending recently from celebrities bringing back Japanese Harajuku girl style. Who wouldn't want to copy It girl Baldwin's style?

Luckily for fans who are wanting to try out the same hairstyle that works great for summer, Kardashian's hair stylist and Hair x Mane Addicts' editorial director, Justine Marjan, posted a full how-to for the cute buns (it's just seven easy steps)! I'm not sure it's a hair trend that I could ever pull off, but it's definitely been an easy hairstyle for the summer that has made it rounds through celebrity stylists. The mouse-like buns are certainly a throwback (I'm thinking Spice Girls, here) that may just be worth bringing back for 2016.

Baldwin's top knots look great because they are full with volume and are positioned closer together without looking too much like ears.

The stars' buns are almost identical!

To get Kardashian's Hailey-inspired look, Marjan listed these quick seven steps in an Instagram post:

1. Prep Damp Hair

The Ouai Soft Mousse, $28, Sephora

Prep damp hair with a soft mousse and use a blow dryer and brush to dry.

2. Spilt Hair Down The Middle

Black Diamond Rattail Comb , $4, Sally Beauty Supply

Use a rattail comb to spilt hair down the middle and spilt each section horizontally.

3. Create Texture

Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo, $12, Target

Create texture with dry shampoo, especially at your roots.

4. Gather Section Into A High Pony

Detangling Brush, $10, Sephora

Use a detangling brush to gather the front section of one side of the head into a high pony, securing with an elastic, letting pieces around the face and hairline fall loose. Repeat with the back section, adding it to the pony with another elastic.

5. Repeat On Opposite Side

Make sure to repeat step four to get your double buns!

6. Gather Ponies Into Knots

Diane Hair Pins (100 count), $4, Amazon

Gather each ponytail and loop into a knot the secure with French pins.

7. Spray To Hold

Kardashian Beauty Pure Glitz Hair Spray, $16, Ulta

Finish by spraying hairspray for hold.

To learn more amazing hair tips, follow Justine Marjan on her Instagram account here.

Images: Getty Images (1); haileybaldwin/Instagram; khloekardashian/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Brands (6)