This Is The Newest Earring Craze

If you're bored with studs and hoops and want to update your accessories game, this new dainty earring might be your next best purchase. If you haven't heard of an earring called ear suspenders, expect to see a lot of celebrities wearing them soon. Celebrities including Sophia Bush, Anna Kendrick, and Gigi Hadid have been spotted wearing the new ear suspender trend, and you're going to want in on it.

The ear suspender can be worn in a regular-pierced ear and doesn't require any new piercings, which is especially nice if you're afraid of needles, blood, or pain. This new little earring trend was started thanks to the Smith + Mara brand that will soon probably be one of the more well-known trendy jewelry brands to pop up on your radar (similar to how Jennifer Meyer jewelry blew up and could be seen on the wrists of everyone in Hollywood).

Recently, the ear suspender has been making waves through Instagram and even advertisement campaigns. (Gigi Hadid has been seen rocking the newest trend in a beauty ad for Maybelline!) It may be a little hard to tell exactly how the earring is worn, but imagine a little hooked bar hooking onto the top of your ear lobe — it's easier than it looks!

Solid Gold Suspender Earring, $150,

Hadid looks flawless in the Maybelline ad while wearing the ear suspender.

Be ready to see this trend everywhere!

If you still aren't totally convinced of the ear suspender, especially since they are a little pricey being 14K gold, you can still try some of the other popular earring styles that are more affordable:

1. Mariposa Ear Jackets

Mariposa Ear Jackets, $32, Bauble Bar

For a little more flair, ear jackets are a fun way to switch up your earrings.

2. Rhinestoned Leaf Ear Cuff

Rhinestones Leaf Ear Cuff, $5.90, Forever 21

This earring clips into your ear as well as cuffs onto the top of your ear.

3. Delicate Threader + Ear Cuff Earring

Delicate Threader + Ear Cuff Earring, $18, Urban Outfitters

This chain and stud combo still has a minimal feel even with it's intricate design.

Images: smithandmara/Instagram (3); Courtesy of Brands (3)