15 Patriotic Makeup Tutorials For The Rio Games

Ready for Rio? I am looking forward to all the festivities the Olympic Games bring, and cheering on my favorite teams and athletes all summer long. Sports and makeup aren't usually associated, but it's a new world, right? I love bending the office rules and wearing some colorful makeup to cheer on my favorites. So here's 15 patriotic beauty tutorials to rock in honor of the Rio Olympics.

Whether or not you're a sports fan, chances are you'll be following along with what's happening in Rio this summer. It's a welcome, worldly group activity that promotes healthy competition and fierce determination. From Brazilian celebrity correspondent appearances to phenomenal performances from the world's best athletes, there's a lot to cheer for. So why not show support at the office or your friend's watch party with a perfectly patriotic look? It doesn't have to be all red, white, and blue — the Olympic rings, the torch, the sleek and preppy Team USA uniforms and competition uniforms are all sources of inspiration to draw from. Plus, Rio de Janeiro is known for its bright and colorful celebrations.

Below are some of my favorite patriotic beauty tutorials for the 2016 summer games.

1. Rainbow In Rio

Celebrate the vibrancy of this year's host country with a rainbow lid!

2. Go For Gold

Prefer to win? Don't we all. No matter what happens, you can get some gold with this tutorial.

3. Neon Tropical Vibes

The tropical vibes of Rio is the best well of inspiration.

4. Red, White, & Blue

The white shimmer is light and bright, helping you look more awake after a late-night binge watching the games!

5. Old Glory

Competing in some Olympic-inspired beer pong this summer? Intimidate the competition with this face paint.

6. Go USA

Finally! An excuse to bust out that indie brand white lipstick you bought on a whim.

7. Olympic Rings

Steal the London look for this year's games.

8. Artistic Tutorial

If you commit to this, you deserve the gold.

9. Patriotic Stars

These tiny stars are a fun way to amp up your look but still so wearable.

10. Flag-Inspired Cut Crease

America, in drag makeup. I can get behind it.

11. Neon Carnival

Feelin' those Brazilian vibes? Channel the country's biggest celebration of the year.

12. Rio 2

All this talk of Rio makes me want to watch these adorable movies all over again. Get in the Rio spirit with some wild rainbow eyes.

Images: Charisma Star/YouTube