Swatches Of Pat McGrath's Lust 004 Are Unreal

If you're a fan of the metallic trend, then just wait until you see Pat McGrath's new Lust 004 lip kit. Taking the shine to a whole new level, the makeup artist is launching three lip sets that have everything from basic color and the ultimate gloss to glitter pigments that you have to see to believe. Thankfully she's shown off some IRL swatches on her social media that prove just how groundbreaking these products are.

Pat McGrath has been teasing her new release for a while now, and it's finally here. She's following up from her Skin Fetish 003 highlighter kits with something even sparklier. Available exclusively on her site on Aug. 30, Lust 004 is coming your way. What is it exactly? Well, there will be six single lip shades, and three different lip kits available. Don't let the name fool you though, because these aren't anything like Kylie Jenner's. Inside you'll find a high volume gloss, two different base lipsticks, and two glitter pigments to give you a lip look like you've never seen before.

Honestly, I didn't even believe that these kits were real when I first saw the swatches. The shine in these five and eleven piece kits are out of this world. I'm talking gloss and glitter that has enough sparkle to stop traffic and colors that are totally wearable on their own.

Excuse me, I seem to have lost my breath from all that shine. Each of the three kits — Vermillion Venom, Bloodwine, and Flesh — are equally as bold as they are wearable. The kits cost $60 each, but if you're super dedicated to the bold lip trend, you can get the Everything Kit for $150. I should warn you though. After seeing these IRL swatches, you'll want to drop a whole lot of cash.

I've never seen a lip look like this in my entire life. Plus the packaging is to die for. It's just like her sequin-filled Skin Fetish 003 packaging, but this time it's bright pink. Basically, they're just as much fun to unwrap as they are to put on your lips.

Lust 004 Kit, $60,

If you're not into the bold lip, then there's still something for you. McGrath is also selling individual lipsticks of all the colors that come in the kit too. The singles will only set you back $25 each.

Set those alarms, people. Because these are going to go fast!

Images: patmcgrathreal/Instagram (1)