7 Rio Games-Inspired Nail Tutorials

You may not have qualified this year, but you can rock Olympic gold all summer long. Celebrate the spirit of the games, support your favorite athlete, or get inspired with the bold colors of Brazil with these seven Rio Games-inspired Olympic nail tutorials.

Painting my own nails can sometimes look like a toddler had a massive accident. But thanks to YouTube, I can now DIY with salon-level expertise (or, well, close enough). Self-taught artists and professional manicurists are sharing their favorite tips and tricks for nailing any look, and they're already celebrating the 2016 games in style. Rio de Janerio, and the many symbols of the Olympic games, are inspiring one-of-a-kind nails. You can support your favorite athlete, country, or game with abstract colors and textures, or recreate the games' 2016 logo. Or you can simply take a note from Brazil and incorporate bold, bright colors.

For tools, you can use a tiny eyeliner brush, paint brush, or toothpick to achieve the most intricate parts of your design. To keep the paint on your nails and not all over your skin, paint some craft glue around your cuticles and then peel away to remove any excess paint. If you want perfect symmetry and lines on your American flag, let a base coat dry and use tape to outline the banner stripes.

Below are a few of my favorite YouTube tutorials for the 2016 Olympic games.

1. Olympic Spirit Nails

Grab a tiny brush or toothpick and paint on some Rio spirit.

2. Olympic Rings Nails

White is just right for this time of year.

3. 2016 Sparkle Nails

How cute is that gold pinky?

4. Silver Sparkle Nails

Rep your country or your favorite athlete with these sparkling nails!

5. Water Marble Art Nails

Who knew a look this complicated could be so easy to DIY?

6. Team USA Nails

Show off your patriotic spirit!

7. Performing Nails

Paint on all your favorite competitions.