Where To Buy Vans' New Unisex Fuzzy Sneaker

If you're a fan of unconventional footwear, then listen up. Nordstrom and Vans teamed up to create a fuzzy, unisex sneaker that you have to see to believe. Because who doesn't need a pair of fur sneakers in their life? This is just a small taste into a quirky collection too, so prepare yourself for some awesome kicks.

Whenever I think fashion can't get any more confusing, something like this happens. According to PopSugar, the new shoe is a part of the Pop-In@Nordstrom collection. Vans and Olivia Kim, the department store's vice president of creative partnership, have teamed up to bring you one standout shoe that fits into the quirky collection quite nicely. Kim's title definitely suits her too, because she dreamed up one shoe that's unlike any other.

The blue and pink sneakers are not only completely covered in fuzz, but they're also unisex. It's likely totally different from anything you've seen before. Think your childhood dream mixed with a fashionable, tie-up sneaker. OK, so wearing fur shoes might not be the most practical footwear for summer, but fall is right around the corner, people! I wouldn't suggest wearing them in the rain though. They might get a tad less trendy.

Vans 'Old School' Sneaker (Unisex), $65, Nordstrom

Different, but oh so wearable at the same time. This isn't the only out-there sneaker in the Pop-In@Nordstrom collection either. Check out these equally as unique shoes below to see just how this furry footwear fits into the shoe line.

1. Butterflies

Authentic Butterfly Sneaker, $60, Nordstrom

Everyone does florals, but not just anyone can rock butterflies.

2. All-Over Fur

Chukka Sneaker (Unisex), $65, Nordstrom

If the half-fuzzed pair wasn't enough for you, this should be just right.

3. Colorblocked

50th Era 95 Reissue Low-Top Skate Sneaker (Unisex), $53, Zappos

Or maybe you're looking for something a bit more colorful?

4. Slip-Ons

Classic Slip-On Sneaker (Unisex), $65, Nordstrom

Don't worry, there are some more classic finds in the line too.

5. Florals

Sk8 Hi Reissue Sneaker (Unisex), $65, Nordstrom

These could easily be worn right into fall.

6. Checkerboard

Sk8 Hi Sneaker (Unisex), $65, Nordstrom

The pop of print make these a standout.

7. Monochrome

Old School Cup Sneaker (Unisex), $50, Amazon

Or maybe you're just a plain white kind of person — there's something for you too.

Images: Nordstrom (7)