12 Ankle Socks That Won't Slip Off In Your Shoes

Ankle socks — a great invention, am I right? Only, there is one pitfall of the convenient low-cut sock, and that is its inability to stay up. Where are the best ankle socks that won’t fall down? Don’t get me wrong; I still only ever wear ankle socks. Thanks to them I can now wear slip-on sneakers and flats while protecting my feet from sweat and odor, all without having a peek-a-boo malfunction. I just wish the socks would actually stay on my feet, where they belong, instead of halfway shoved into my shoe, where they usually end up. It’s a pet peeve of mine, only after the fact that pairs always seem to get lost after one wear.

I accepted my fate of half-covered feet until a friend introduced me to this radical new update to the ankle sock: no-slip socks with silicon grips. It’s a miracle, really. These pairs are designed with silicone on the inside or on the outside to keep them on your foot and in your shoe. Some even have reinforced banding around the toes for extra security. As this discovery was passed onto me, I’ll now pass it on you to with a comprehensive round up of the best anti-slip ankle socks, because no one deserves sliding socks.

1. A Colorful Patterned Pair of No-Slip Socks

HASLRA No-Show Liners Silicon Heel Grip 1 - 6 Pair (5-11), $6-$15, Amazon

Just because you don't want your socks to show, doesn't mean they can't be cute. This bright set is fun, but the socks also have the necessary silicone ankle grips so they don't slide down.

2. No-Slip Lace Trimmed Socks for Slip On Sneakers

Keds Lace Trim Liner No Show Socks 3-Pack (9-11), $10, Amazon

If you do want a little peek-a-boo lace, these socks (designed to be worn with Keds!) are the cutest, and of course, they have the must have silicone heel grip.

3. No-Show Sole Hugger Socks

SHEEC No-Show Cotton Casual Socks *Non Slip* - SoleHugger, $6-$15, Amazon

For a no-slip fit, try these. One reviewer confirmed it: "These socks definitely do not slip. There's a little plastic tab at the end that keeps it from slipping, as well as preventing any blistering that could result without socks."

4. Striped Athletic Anti Slip Socks

Vero Monte Striped Cotton No Show Liners for Summer (7-9/9-11), $18, Amazon

These socks have heel silicon grips, pocket heel construction and an enhanced cuff to keep the sock in place on your foot.

5. No-Slip Socks To Wear With Low Cut Shoes

Zando Casual Anti Slip Low Cut Solid Color Flat Ankle Line Socks (8.5-12), $6-$14, Amazon

This bright set has a unique anti-slip resistant design with large silicone heel grips, and the style was specially designed to be worn with boat shoes, sneakers, and loafers.

6. Classic Cotton Socks That Won't Budge

Vero Monte 4 Pairs Womens Cotton No Show Liner Socks *Silicon Non-slip Grip* (7-13), $18, Amazon

Sometimes all you want is a classic white pair of socks — you just don't want them to slip off. These cotton and spandex pair have that magic silicone grip that'll keep them in place.

7. A Lacy Pair of Silicone Lined Socks

Zando Anti-slip Lace Hidden No Show Liner Socks (5-8), $6, Amazon

If you're preference is a dressier pair of ankle socks, this lacy pair is perfect. And instead of just a strip of silicone on the heel, it goes all around the sock for extra security.

8. Anti-Slip Ankle Socks That Fight Foot Odor

Bambu Premium No Show Socks - Non Slip (S-M), $16-$19, Amazon

Not only do these socks have the silicon ankle grip, they're also made of a unique bamboo fiber that's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and fights foot odor.

9. Fun, Floral Ankle Socks That Won't Slip

No-show Casual Liner Socks "Non-slip Heel Grip" (O/S), $16, Amazon

I'm not one to sacrifice form for function, so these pretty socks are perfect. Cute pattern? Check! Non-slip silicon ankle grips? Check!

10. No-Slip Ankle Socks With Extra-Tight Band

Basico Premium Liner Socks with Silicon Non-Slip Grip, 4 Packs (O/S), $8, Amazon

These low cut socks have the silicone ankle grips, of course, but they also have a reinforced banding around the toes for extra no-slip security.

11. Perfect Anti-Slip Sock For Ballet Flats

Stomper Joe 4 Pack Non Slip, Low Cut (XS-M), $11-$12, Amazon

Flats are my favorite shoes, but wearing them without socks is a disaster — these are a perfect solution. One reviewer even said, "Now I can wear my favorite flats, all of them, with pure assurance and soft comfort."

12. Anti-Slip Bamboo Socks

Low Cut Socks 4 Pack + Low Rise Anti Slip Gel Insert (5.5-8.5), $12, Amazon

Thanks to bamboo fibers, these socks have a silky feeling along with anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties. And this set also comes with a laundry bag to wash them in, so you won't lose a pair to the dark void (or wherever missing socks go).

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