New Kimoji Gear Is Finally Here

Not only has Kim Kardashian amped up your emoji game in all of your text message threads, she’s also managed to make you cooler, you know, IRL, too. Kim K first dropped a set of Kimoji-covered phone cases and wrapping paper, but now, she’s at it again. Find out how much the new Kimoji merch costs because you’re going to need to budget accordingly.

Whether you buy two pieces a week or make one large purchase a month, you’re going to want to find a way to get each and every one of these products. Kardashian’s got dad hats, T-shirts, pins, and more covered in her very own emojis. All of the gear is now available for purchase at

Prices range from $8 for pins to $35 for hats. The super trendy slider sandals aren’t available to shop just yet, but Kardashian promises they’re coming soon. You can buy the hats, pins, lighters and a set of stickers for now, though. And that’s more than enough to hold you over until the tees and sandals are here, too. Then, you’ll finally be able to dress in Kimojis from head to toe. Honestly, I’m completely convinced it just doesn’t get cooler than that.

YAS. All of the Kimoji merch you could hope for is finally here.

1. Kimoji Wave Dad Hat

Kimoji Wave Dad Hat, $35,

It doesn't get more trendy than a Kimoji dad hat, now, does it?

2. Kimoji Send Nudes Pin

Kimoji Send Nudes Pin, $8,

This is going to perfectly match your phone case.

3. Kimoji Unicorn Pin

Kimoji Unicorn Pin, $8,

Because there's nothing better than a unicorn on your lapel, you know?

4. Kimoji Lit Lighter

Kimoji Lit Lighter, $7,

It's about to get lit! (ha ha get it? Cause it's a lighter.) Clever, Kardashian, clever.

5. Kimoji Sticker Sheet

Kimoji Sticker Sheet, $10,

Cover the rest of your things in Kimojis to match your swag.

6. Kimoji Savage Dad Hat

Kimoji Savage Dad Hat, $35,

A hat that matches your attitude. Perfection!

7. Kimoji Middle Finger Pin

Kimoji Middle Finger Pin, $8,

Why speak when you could wear a pin that says it all?

When it comes to wearing your emotions on your sleeve, Kim K's got you covered.

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