The Most Interesting Opening Ceremony Uniforms

The 2016 Summer Olympics opening ceremony is a moment full of pride, joy, and patriotism. From the beaming looks on the athletes' faces as they enter the stadium to the incredible celebration and pomp and circumstance, the open ceremonies are a site to behold. This year, the most interesting uniforms at the 2016 Olympic opening ceremony featured everything from multicolored hair to shimmering maxi skirts, and I was loving every minute.

The fashion at the opening ceremony was definitely something you shouldn't miss. Whether it was Team USA's gorgeous and stylish Ralph Lauren designed uniforms or Team Spain and their very lovable collection of fedoras, the style and fashion was unique, patriotic, and unforgettable. After all, what's an opening ceremony without some can't miss fashion? Prior to the games even starting, the uniforms were making headlines — at least for Team USA.

Now, we get to see all of the countries's gear up close and personal, and there were definitely some creative/exciting garb during the ceremony. The awards for most exciting 2016 Summer Olympics opening ceremony uniforms goes to countries who had a little extra pizaz. With vibrant colors, fun accessory, and what seemed to be dancing post-its, it was hard to keep your eyes on all the fashion coming through at the 2016 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, but there were some real winners.


Without a doubt, the best hair of the night.


I mean, can I get a shiny, tye-dyed maxi skirt?


Michael Phelps' blazer lights up, people. It.lights.up.


Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Bermuda shorts, people. 'Nuff said.


Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

These jackets! I must have them!


Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I mean, look how huge those leaves are. Represent!


Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

What's interesting is Tongo's flag bearer's lack of uniform...