Lea T's Opening Ceremony Outfit Was So Patriotic

There are always history-making moments during the Olympics. Whether it's Michael Phelps breaking records or Gabby Douglas slaying the gymnastic competition, history will be made again. Tonight, it definitely was when transgender woman Lea T hosted the opening ceremony. Being a model, Lea T's 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony outfit was totally patriotic yet unexpected. Not only is this gorgeous woman making history, but she's looking damn good while doing it.

Of course, focusing on what Lea T wore during the opening ceremony in no way diminishes the incredible accomplishment she has just achieved and the history she has made. Her legendary status comes from both her incredible talent and her position as a LBGTQIA+ person. Lea T is the first transgender woman to host the opening ceremony, and with team uniforms being a hot topic, it'd be remiss to not discuss the models's sartorial choices during the open ceremony.

In a Brazilian flag-themed frock, Lea T looked gorgeous as she proudly led Team Brazil into the arena during the Parade of Nations. Seeing the star looking so incredible during the opening ceremony is sure to be a point of pride for the trans community, and it's undeniably exciting for advocates, allies, and community member to see such diversity present at the games.

To have the honor of leading Team Brazil into the arena is an accomplishment for anyone, but the diversity and inclusivity that Lea T brings to such a huge stage is incredible.

Her beaming face was incredible, and Lea T's 2016 Olympics opening ceremony outfit was totally patriotic and perfect. We see you smiling, Lea T, and we love seeing your gorgeous face on such a large platform.