8 Memes About Gisele's Rio Opening Ceremony Dress

It's official, the 2016 Summer Olympics are kicking off in Rio, and what would an occasion in Brazil be without everyone's favorite Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen? These memes about Gisele Bundchen's Rio Opening Ceremony dress, though, are too funny to miss. While everyone loves to see Gisele kill it on the catwalk, we can also take a moment to appreciate some humor in the stunning moment.

It's Gisele Bundchen's last cat walk, and she totally did it up for her last go round on that runway. Typically, there's not a lot of hilarity or comedy that ensues when the gorgeous Brazilian struts, but tonight as she walked the stage at the opening ceremony, it was hard not to find some humor in her insanely long catwalk or to bask in how much she slayed our souls.

Apparently, we're not the only ones who loved her either. Memes of Gisele's Rio Opening Ceremony dress started popping up on the internet nearly everywhere. Whether it was commentary on her walk or comparisons to other frocks, the dress definitely made an impression on those tuned into the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The dress, designed by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch, was a glittering gem of a frock. Featuring a gorgeous slit along the front to showcase Bundchen's famed legs and a plunging neckline for dramatic effect, the dress itself was a true stunner and very Gisele. It's beauty, however, didn't stop the memes.

So what was social media saying?

1. That Walk Was Too Damn Long

A dress can only take you so far, unless you're Gisele and the you walk that dress all the way to downtown Rio.

2. She's An Olympic Slay-er

She gets a medal for this, right?

3. Shade Throwers

Tell me you didn't laugh. Tell me.

4. No One Would Ever Reject You, Gisele

Who would dare?

5. That Dress Is Giving Everyone Hearts For Eyes

I mean, come on. That dress is bae.

6. She Deserves A Crown

Yes, crown it!

7. #Goals

We're not there yet, but here's hoping.

8. Bow Down

Yes, Gisele. Slay Us!