Bermuda's Staple Olympics Uniform Is Patriotic

At the 2016 summer Olympics opening ceremony, the Parade of Nations showcased the best of the patriotic best when it came to style. But the biggest question of the night was does Bermuda wear Bermuda shorts to every Olympic Opening Ceremony? This country is definitely proud of their namesake fashion because as it turns out, Bermuda wears Bermuda shorts at every Olympics opening ceremony Parade of Nations. While nearly all the countries may be rocking their nation's colors, can anyone else say they're rocking their nation's shorts? I think no.

While everyone is probably having a good laugh at Bermuda's shorts and asking, "Does Bermuda just call them shorts," they're rocking not just their nation's colors but also their nation's very own sartorial gift to the world. Plus, let's be honest, Bermuda looked hella good in those shorts. If you were thinking that Bermuda shorts were officially out, I think an entire country just disagreed.

Bermuda shorts aren't a completely bygone fashion product, though. Last year, Miranda July rocked a pair during Fashion Week in a totally chic way, and back in 2014, the short definitely mounted a comeback.

Maybe, just maybe Bermuda has always been on trend with the shorts, and we're all just kind of lagging behind. One thing is for sure, though, Bermuda's Bermuda shorts are a staple at the Olympics opening ceremony.

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Twitter definitely took notice that the country wore its namesake fashion.

This gif is me realizing Bermuda wore Bermuda shorts to every Olympics opening ceremony.

Bermuda + Bermuda shorts = 5eva.