Some Rihanna x Puma Fur Slides Are Still Available

Have you had your morning freakout yet? Allow me to assist in that process, with some conditions. Rihanna restocked her cozy and comfy Fur Puma Slides on Friday, August 5. She resurrected the black, white, and shell pink shades, which sold out earlier this year. She also added a heather grey pair to the lineup. Fans flocked to the Puma site and broke the Internet... because of course they did! The Rihanna x Puma Fur Slide is the shoe of the summer, supplanting basic bitch flip-flops as the hot weather go-to. Fans are desperate to cop a pair. So what's the current sellout sitch? Are there any Rihanna x Puma Fur Slides still available?

Go ahead and freak out, shoe fetishists! Limited quantities of the Puma Fur Slides are still available but in leftover sizes. Which ones?

Well, here's what's not available. The shell pink shoes are totally sold out on the Puma site.

As for what is avail? The brand new grey Slide is available, but only in a 10.5. The all-black Fur Slide, which I own and wear all the time, is also still on sale in select sizes as of press time. The all-white Fur Slide offers the most copious supply, with four sizes (8.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5) still shoppable.

Here's the screenshot from the Puma site.

The grey Fenty Fur Slides are adorbs, aren't they? While only larger sizes of the Slides are still available, we can keep our fingers (and toes) crossed for a restock of the entire shade selection.

The Fur Slide is so popular that RiRi and Puma would be silly not release more colorways or more pairs of the existing shades. You can wear these shoes in winter and schlep around the house glamorously.

There's always the socks-with-sandals combo that I usually don't love but might try because it looked good on Rihanna!

This concludes my a.m. freakout offer. Happy shopping... if any of the remaining shades or sizes of the Fur Slides suit your needs.

Images: Courtesy of Puma (4); Puma/Instagram (2)